8 Short Break Ideas Near a Sea

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8 Short Break Ideas Near a Sea

Anyone who lives near the sea or even the ocean can make the most of their location and visit for a short break or weekend. Anyone who is not lucky enough to be located near the waves, or who wants to visit a sunnier location, can also choose to fly out to a sunny beach. Sun and sand are always fun, but anyone who is looking for entertainment, and a full weekend away, needs ideas. Most of these tips are great for families or singles, but most holidaymakers should check local lodging and entertainment options to make sure they are family friendly, if necessary.

Short break ideas range from a luxury trip to any local spas and spending the day on the beach, to going all out and enjoying an ocean adventure. Remember that accommodations and opportunities vary per area and per company, so each option might not be available everywhere. The following eight ideas should get almost everyone started on deciding on their break plans, but always keep in mind that it is possible to do multiple things on a holiday as well.

Short Break Idea 1: Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing is one of the most exciting things anyone can do near a beach, and usually it is affordable. It is, however, not an activity for the kids, but they can stay in the boat and watch their parents parasail. Parasailing should only be done with a licensed captain driving the boat, as it can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Anyone wanting to sail should get proper training before going up, but lessons are typically very short and mostly on safety.

Short Break Idea 2: Wake Surfing

Some people choose to wakesurf, which is in a way similar to parasailing. It is important that wake surfers know how to surf, are working with a licensed captain, and are experienced swimmers as wakesurfing can be dangerous. Anyone who does not think they can safely wake surf probably cannot. Usually, the same companies that offer parasailing offer wake surfing as well, although this is not always the case.

Short Break Idea 3: Snorkelling

Snorkelling can be a great way to spend a holiday near the beach. Depending on the location, a snorkelling session could involve seeing corals reefs or exotic fish or just swimming underwater. Either way, it is a lot of fun and great for families as well as singles. Snorkelling is usually very easy to learn, although it should be learned by people who can already swim well.

Snorkelling Equipment

Most people find that it is actually cheaper to simply purchase a basic snorkelling mask rather than to rent it. However, anyone who plans on diving with an oxygen tank should definitely consider renting it. Flippers, if necessary, are also usually cheaper to rent although some companies might offer a very good package deal on renting everything together.

Purchasing Snorkelling Packages

Snorkelling packages can range in duration, travel, and what is included. For example, some packages might have all of the equipment, travel, and maybe even a meal included. Others might be training only and likely held in an indoor swimming pool that can be monitored more safely. Other packages can be full-on adventures that take swimmers out to sea to look at an underwater coral reef. The important thing is to read about the trip and check everything included before purchasing the trip.

Short Break Idea 3: Shopping and Luxury Trip

Whether going to a spa, lounging on the beach, or shopping all day, a luxury trip to the beach is a great way to spend a short break. Most women probably find this type of trip more enjoyable as many luxury options such as spas and manicures are generally geared towards women. However, men can still enjoy this type of trip as well, although families might not find it quite as appealing. A good tip is to set a budget for everything, look online for vouchers and offers for a spa, a manicure, or even a haircut, and then try buying a new outfit and getting pampered.

Short Break Idea 4: Beach Camping

Camping on the beach can be a lot of fun, but it is important to make sure it is allowed in the area first. Most of the time a quick question at a local city hall can provide an easy answer, although some locations might have limitations and regulations. There are also some campsites specifically geared towards coastal camping, which might even offer communal barbeque pits and nightlife options.

Packing for a beach camping trip requires pillows, blankets, nightwear, a tent, a fully charged mobile phone, and probably food as well, although food and beverages can likely be purchased at the beach. Remember to pack sunblock and maybe a parasol for spending the full day on the beach. Most families love a camping excursion that is paired with a grill, so consider bringing a portable grill as well.

Short Break Idea 5: Enjoying the Nightlife

Another option for anyone without kids is to take a trip to the sea and enjoy the nightlife. Any tourist type area is likely to have a thriving nightlife, which could be a lot more fun than a local one. Beach side bars and dance clubs are always fun, and many casinos are located near breaches and might even be open all night. An important thing to remember for a trip to enjoy a night out is to set a budget and stick to it as clubs, bars, casinos, and dance halls can quickly become quite expensive.

Short Break Idea 6: Surfing

Surfing is one of the most fun things to do near any water with waves, but it does take time to learn. Anyone who does not know how to surf is going to spend their entire holiday learning the very basics and might not even get to catch any waves. However, as a weekend venture, it can quickly become a repeat break idea and surfing could soon become an acquired skill. Remember not to purchase any equipment until after learning the basics of surfing, as some people find out that they do not actually enjoy surfing.

Short Break Idea 7: Taking a Fishing Trip

A fishing trip is a great way to enjoy any seaside area, and the bigger the body of water, the more fishing opportunities available. Usually, options range from charter boats that take out hundreds of people to individual charter boats such as a yacht or small boat. While the latter is likely to be very expensive, the former is very affordable, even for families. Not everyone likes to fish so make sure anyone going on the trip is going to enjoy it. It is also a good idea to look at a website or brochure before purchasing, or if buying the trip online, to read the description. Different boats go after different types of fish and some require professional fishers. Sharks and marlins are both examples of specific fishing trips, but most simply go to where the fish are.

Short Break Idea 8: Relaxing in a Holiday Accommodation on the Beach

Whether a penthouse suite, villa, or just a standard hotel, it can be a lot of fun to rent a place to stay directly on the beach for a short break. A window view of the ocean can be spectacular to wake up to, and then the beach is right outside the door. Renting a beach hotel or villa is great for stag and hen parties, families, couples, and even singles, or pretty much anyone who knows how to enjoy a great view. Once again, research the rate, look at photos, and always check the view before purchasing or renting.

Looking on eBay for Short Breaks Near a Sea

eBay is a great place to go to look for anything for a holiday. From booking a fishing trip to a discounted hotel room, you can usually find anything on eBay. Sellers range from people who have changed their plans to companies looking to fill last minute spots, but you can usually get a good deal as well. You can try simply searching for options in your area, but try to be specific so that you bring up exact options. If you have not yet made your holiday plans, you can of course browse through everything available.

It is very important to read the full description and check the cost of shipping if applicable, and ensure that there are no additional fees when purchasing a short break. Comparing multiple options is also a great option for anyone on a budget. Last but not least, remember to check any date or time constraints. For example, if tickets are for a specific time and date, then that date must coincide with the holiday. Once you are certain you know everything about the item, you can purchase it using the seller's preferred methods.


There are a lot of exciting things that can be done on the beach and most of them take only a day or two at most, which makes them perfect for a short break. From family friendly options such as snorkelling and camping on the beach to adventures more suited to adults such as enjoying the nightlife or parasailing, there is a lot to do near almost any sea. Fishing, taking out a kayak, learning to surf, or just lounging on the beach are all great ideas for anyone looking for a good time near a sea.

Important considerations include setting a budget, booking tickets and plans, and if purchasing on eBay, reading the description carefully before purchase. A break near the sea can be in the UK, or can include a flight to a sunnier location such as the south of France or Italy. Holidaymakers should decide what they want and then make their plans.

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