8 Short Break Ideas for Couples

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8 Short Break Ideas for Couples

Everyone needs a break sometimes. For couple who want to experience a two or three-night holiday, there are plenty of options available within the United Kingdom. Budget-minded couples can travel to nearby spots for vacation. If the budget is higher, they can travel to more elaborate excursion spots. Travelers can find everything they need for a short break on eBay, including flight tickets and package holidays. Couples should plan a short break in advance and try to travel during the off season to get the best deals on accommodations and travel options.

Whether couples feel like shopping, camping, hiking, or sightseeing, there is a wide array of options available for a short, refreshing break. Even going away for a couple of days can be a much needed and welcome respite from the fast pace of day-to-day life in the city. Couples can plan a trip to a favourite spot, or they can try something new that they have never done before for an adventurous trip.

Idea 1: Camping

For a rustic short break, couples should consider camping. There are plenty of options for beautiful camping in the United Kingdom, including campsites by the beach, camping in a tipi, and even camping in yurts. There is a place in Cornwall where guests can sleep in the top of a tree. Camping offers many choices for a fun stay outdoors, along with other outside activities that accompany camping, such as swimming, hiking, and fishing.

Some of the most popular spots for camping which travellers may want to check into include the New Forest National Park, Snowdonia National Park, and the Lake District for beautiful views. Camping is also an affordable way to spend a short break, and all travellers need are some camping supplies, such as tents, sleeping bags, cooking supplies, and lanterns.

Idea 2: Wine Vineyards

For couples who consider themselves wine aficionados, a short break at a vineyard is time well spent. Not only are vineyards simply beautiful spots to unwind at, but they are also filled with wonderful food and of course, amazing wine. Couples can tour a vineyard and see how wines are made, enjoy the beautiful countryside, and relax in an open, peaceful environment.

Some of the prettiest vineyards around include Camel Valley, which offers travellers a stay in one of their cottages. Glyndwr Vineyard not only makes wines and has lovely accommodations, but it also houses animals and gardens. Adgestone on the Isle of Wight is one of the oldest vineyards in Britain and offers farmhouse rooms near the seaside, as well as complimentary wine tastings.

Idea 3: Spa Weekend

Couples can relax together on a weekend spa getaway which includes massages, hot tubs, saunas, yoga, and even hiking, along with healthy meals and beautiful scenery. A spa break is a year-round vacation that is always welcome, and there are a myriad of great spas in the United Kingdom to pick from for an amazing short break. For a luxurious, decadent spa weekend, couples can head to Whatley Manor in Wiltshire, which offers a hydrotherapy pool and tons of state-of-the-art treatments, including a steam grotto and a sensory room.

For a simpler spa experience that is more affordable, guests can travel to the Lido Spa in Bristol or the Crieff Hydro Hotel in Perthshire. Some spas are more treatment-heavy, and others cater to a clientele who simply wants to rest and revive themselves. A spa weekend can rejuvenate any couple and be a lot of fun while indulging all the senses.

Idea 4: Paris

There is nothing more exciting than a Parisian weekend. Along with the traditional sightseeing, there are shops, museums, churches, and many things to do and to look at. Couples can hop the Eurostar with some advance purchased train tickets and head to the City of Lights for a short break. Travellers may find great deals on hotels or even package holidays that include food and travel. Couples can visit the world famous Louvre museum, or simply stroll along the Seine and enjoy the romance of the city.

Paris is also filled with fragrant gardens, amazing and decadent food, and interesting historical landmarks. Guests can stay in a hotel that is either quite affordable or more luxurious, and even hire a bicycle to enjoy cruising around the city as Parisians do. A short break in Paris is an unforgettable break.

Idea 5: Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a perfect place for couples to go on a short break. It is beautiful, and offers many things to do. Discover unique villages, tour gardens, attend a festival, go camping, or check out the award-winning farmers' market. The Cotswolds offers some of the best scenery around, and fans of vintage and antique shopping can find a haven in the Cotswolds, with all of its stylish shops and markets.

There is an arts and crafts centre called New Brewery Arts which offers shopping from many artisans and vendors. Guests can stay in the Manor House hotel, which is a manor house from the 14th century that has been turned into a luxury hotel. It offers suites along with a highly rated restaurant.

Idea 6: Scotland

Scotland is famous for many things. Scotland offers a great opportunity for travellers seeking a short break, including gorgeous beaches, lots of shopping options, tranquil countryside, and delicious food. In Scotland, couples can spend the weekend on the water, whale watching, or take a drive through the country. Accommodations include everything from guest houses to secluded island castle stays. There are a couple of romantic spots, too, including Ardanaiseig Hotel, a spot overlooking the water.

Couples travelling to Scotland can enjoy a range of activities from hiking, boating, and fishing to investigating all of the beautiful old landmarks. They can spend time walking along sandy beaches and seeing all of the famed Lochs of the area.

Idea 7: Wales

A mini break to Wales can be a versatile and engaging trip for travelling couples. Wales is known for its decadent castles, which are a lot of fun to tour. It also offers spas for day treatments and plenty of award-winning gourmet restaurants. For accommodations in Wales, it would be fun for couples to stay in a bed and breakfast or a holiday cottage.

Wales is home to glorious gardens, including water and botanical gardens. For adventure lovers, Wales offers surfing and diving along with other water sports, as well as many animals to look at in their natural environments. Welsh food is legendary, and couples may love getting a taste of Welsh cheese, ciders, and other traditional Welsh food.

Idea 8: Iceland

A unique idea for a weekend getaway is to trek to Iceland and revel in the Aurora Borealis. There are packages for two or three-night short breaks to Iceland, and a couple can get a great deal on flight tickets and accommodations with a package like this.

This is a trip that should not be missed, and the Northern Lights are an amazing sight to behold. Iceland is beautiful, and couples can stay in a hotel that offers a great viewing point for the Lights, such as Hotel Ranga or Hotel Bru. The best times to see the Northern Lights in all their glory are from winter to spring. Couples can even book a cruise weekend to see the Lights from the water for a bit of added drama and romance.

How to Buy Items Needed for Short Breaks on eBay

If you and your significant other are planning a short weekend break, check out eBay for great deals on everything from flight tickets to train tickets, along with things you are most likely to need for your trip, such as luggage, swimwear, or camping supplies such as a tent. Purchase everything you need for your fun weekend at a great price, and check out what sellers have to offer to make your trip easier and more convenient. Purchase items from merchants who are Top-rated sellers, and if you are buying tickets for travel, make sure the dates are approximate to the dates you desire, and that the packages include everything you want them to.

When you are shopping for items for your break, compare and browse products by price, brand, and condition, and if you are buying anything used, such as a fishing rod, make sure it is in good condition and comes with all its proper parts. Check a seller's feedback before you buy. When your transaction is complete, leave feedback of your own for the seller to help him or her perfect the purchasing process, and guide other buyers looking for similar items.


Taking a short break or vacation can be just what is needed for a couple to unwind, relax, and enjoy some tranquil or romantic time together. There are plenty of options for affordable as well as more luxurious and unique short breaks in the United Kingdom. Sometimes just a few days away from the hectic pace of a busy life is all that is needed to be refreshed and rejuvenated. It is also a good idea for a couple to spend time together away from the day-to-day grind of life, and enjoy time alone in a fun, adventurous, interesting, or romantic atmosphere.

Whether a couple decides to go back to basics and spend the weekend camping, or to sip wine for a few days at a gorgeous vineyard, there are weekend break ideas for everyone's varied interests, budgets, and desires. Travellers may want to make advance plans to ensure good rates and get a reservation for the right accommodation. In order to have a successful break, guests should make sure they do not leave the house without passports, tickets, itineraries, or booking confirmations.

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