8 Tips for Buying Isle of Wight Tickets

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8 Tips for Buying Isle of Wight Tickets

There are many music festivals that take place around the world each and every year. However, the Isle of Wight Festival is among the largest and most well-attended festival of popular musical acts. Taking place on the Isle of Wight, off the coast of England, it can be an exciting experience for groups of friends, families, and even individuals. When deciding to attend the Isle of Wight festival, there are many things that must be considered, including transportation, lodging, and of course, tickets to the festival itself. Buying Isle of Wight Festival tickets well in advance is the best way to get a good deal, as well as peace of mind when the date of the festival arrives. Following these easy tips ensures that the entire process goes smoothly and everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the Isle of Wight. When buying Isle of Wight tickets, be sure to check ticket brokers, as well as eBay, for the best tickets available.

1. Decide on a Ticket Type

When purchasing any type of concert tickets, it is important to first determine which type of tickets are needed. When it comes to a festival that spans multiple days, this is all the more important. Some tickets may cover only one day of the festival while others are good for entrance to the entire event. Depending on one's budget, it may be necessary to buy one type of ticket over the other. There is also a chance that concertgoers may not be interested in the acts performing on one day, and therefore, only want to attend part of the festival. Evaluating the proper ticket type before purchasing is the best way to avoid overspending.

2. Choose Accommodations

While it is probably wise to secure Isle of Wight tickets before looking into accommodations, on the off-chance that tickets are not available, in some instances, tickets and accommodations can be purchased together. For festival attendees who plan on camping at the Isle of Wight Festival site, camping tickets can be purchased in conjunction with festival tickets. Separate campervan parking tickets are also available.

Isle of Wight Hotels

While many people do choose to camp when attending the Isle of Wight Festival, some are either not interested in the camping experience or unable to secure a camping spot. For these people, finding an Isle of Wight hotel is a good alternative. There are a number of nearby hotels that can accommodate those attending the festival, although staying at these hotels means figuring out transportation to and from the actual festival location.

Isle of Wight Cottages

While there are certainly hotels available on the island, a more personalised, and likely, quieter choice is to stay in an Isle of Wight cottage. There are many holiday cottages throughout the island and local transportation options can take a party of attendees from nearly any spot around the island and drop them off near the festival grounds. The cottages are mainly detached from any other buildings, offering a degree of privacy that other accommodations may not have. Many cottages are also equipped with Wi-Fi and some even welcome family pets. Because the festival is so popular, those wanting to stay in a cottage should be sure to book well in advance.

3. Study a Festival Map

The Isle of Wight Festival is spread over a large area and includes many stages. Therefore, before attending or even deciding upon accommodations, it may be a good idea to study a festival map along with a schedule. This can make navigating the festival much easier from day one and help to ensure that one's favourite acts are not missed due to poor planning.

4. Consider Transportation

Because Isle of Wight is an island, figuring out a way to get from the mainland to the festival site is an integral part of planning to attend the festival for those who do not live on the island. The following table outlines the most common ways to get to the Isle of Wight, both for the festival and for any type of visit.

Type of Transport




Can carry both passengers and vehicles across the Solent Strait


Speed boat

Deliver travellers to the marina, located very near the festival grounds



From the mainland onto a ferry and directly to the festival



Personal helicopter travel across the strait to location near festival


Keep in mind that each of these transportation options need to be booked ahead of time. Some Isle of Wight tickets even include ferry transportation in their price.

5. Remember Parking Tickets

For those attending the festival who intend to drive, parking is an absolute necessity. Most drivers choose to park at the festival itself, for an additional cost. Parking passes for the Isle of Wight Festival can be purchased separately from entrance tickets. For those who choose not to purchase these parking passes, it can be difficult to secure parking nearby the festival grounds, so be sure to have a plan for the car before departing for the festival.

6. Compare Ticket Prices

Buying Isle of Wight tickets generally involves some amount of shopping around. This is particularly true for those people who wait until the festival is already approaching to buy their tickets. Luckily, the advent of the Internet has meant that tickets for most events are always available, even if they have seemingly sold out. When Isle of Wight tickets are sold out, be sure to check with ticket brokers, or online on sites like eBay, to find the best ticket prices available. By comparison shopping rather than rushing in and purchasing the first tickets that can be found, it is more likely that a prospective attendee can get the best deal.

7. Save on Children's Tickets

The Isle of Wight Festival can be a fun event for the whole family. In fact, there is even a separate area for children inside of the festival to ensure they do not become bored, but it is important to remember that children require their own tickets. However, the structure of the Isle of Wight tickets is such that children's tickets come at a much lower cost. When purchasing Isle of Wight tickets, be sure to assess the age of the children attending and buy appropriate tickets so as not to waste any of the festival budget on the wrong tickets.

8. Spring for VIP Toilet Access

One major drawback when attending any outdoor music festival or other large gathering is dealing with the loo. Portable toilets are generally not the most sanitary or inviting. The Isle of Wight Festival does have an option for those people who are entirely turned off by the toilets. For a separate ticket price, with a lower cost option for children, festival attendees can purchase access to luxury toilets that are under cover and more inviting than the public festival options.

How to Buy Isle of Wight Tickets on eBay

If you have decided to attend the Isle of Wight Festival, or even just want to shop for tickets before making a final decision, it is a good idea to look on eBay. In order to find Isle of Wight tickets on eBay, enter some search terms that are relevant to what you are looking for into the search box on any page of the site. This may mean looking generally for "festival tickets", or more specifically searching for " Isle of Wight tickets".

As with any purchase on eBay, be sure that you have all of your questions answered before going through with the transaction. In the case of Isle of Wight tickets, you may want to know if the tickets are good for just one day or for the duration of the festival. If this is not clear on the eBay listing, simply contact the seller directly using the eBay interface. When all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, you can complete the purchase with no qualms.


Attending a music festival is a wonderful way to enjoy one's favourite acts in a convivial and welcoming setting. It also offers the efficiency of being able to see many acts in one go, rather than attending multiple shows over the course of a year. The Isle of Wight festival is among the most popular music festivals in the U.K. and, indeed, the world over. For those who are eager to attend the festival, it may seem difficult to go about obtaining tickets and planning the trip. However, by doing a bit of research and including these simple tips in the process, it ought to go quite smoothly. When shopping for Isle of Wight tickets, it is essential to keep in mind the other planning that needs to be involved, including accommodation and transportation. But no matter where a festival goer stays or which types of tickets he or she purchases, the Isle of Wight Festival is sure to be an event to remember.

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