8 things to consider when buying a pram

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1. Size

Prams come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The size of your pram is important when considering where you will be storing your pram, if it will fit in the boot of your car or if it will navigate easily in places you visit regularly (e.g. shops.) 

2. Weight

The weight of your pram is important to consider when thinking about where you will use your pram. You may prefer something that feels weighty and gives you confidence in pushing it over rougher terrain or you may prefer a lighter-weight pram that is easy to haul about by yourself.

3. Travel system or simple pram

Do you require a simple pram that you can fold down simply and with no annoying bits to clip on or attach, or a travel system that means you can attach your car seat and carry-cot to the frame too? This can make things easier if your small baby is sleeping in their car seat and you can clip it directly to the frame instead of taking them out and risking waking them up. 

4. Suspension

This often affects the weight of a pram but is a point worth considering. If you want a pram that can handle rougher terrain and uneven surfaces and give your a baby a smoother ride then a pram with suspension may be worth considering. However, this can mean a pram with bigger wheels that is heavier to lift and manoeuvre. So a lighter, nippier pram better suited to pavements and towns may be more appealing to you.

5. Other children

If you have toddlers or other young children a double pram can make travelling with your other young children easier. Some people however find double prams cumbersome, if this is the case, some prams can have a buggy board attached that toddlers can stand on should they get tired.

6. Who will be using the pram?

Will the pram be comfortable and easy to use for both yourself and other people who will be using it regularly? For example, will the height of the handle adjust to both your height and your partner's?

7. Functionality

How easy is it to apply the brakes, change the seat position, fold down the frame or attach the rain covers?

8. Colourway

I personally find that something you use everyday should be appealing for you to look at and use. Many brands do amazing designs and colours. Or maybe you prefer something in a plain colour that hides marks more easily and is less attention-grabbing.
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