9 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Golf Bag Trolley

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9 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Golf Bag Trolley

Golf is a popular sport enjoyed by many around the world. Played over a large expanse of ground it is necessary to have adequate fitness levels to participate. But what happens if an injury or a regular health complaint makes it hard to carry golf bags around? Does this mean you are now unable to enjoy the sport?

This is where a golf bag trolley can come in handy. A golf trolley can be used to carry the necessary equipment around the course leaving the player free to walk or ride in the buggy as desired. A great addition to any game, a golf bag trolley has the ability to not only improve but enhance a player's game.

Golf bag trolley's can be purchased in lots of different shops, including online like eBay. This guide aims to look at the 9 factors to consider when looking at purchasing a golf trolley.

Manual or Pull Trolley

A manual golf trolley is designed to be pushed or pulled around the course by a player. There are two types of manual trolleys:

· 2 wheels, designed to be pulled behind the player as they walk.

· 3 wheels, which can be pulled behind or pushed in front when walking.

A manual trolley is a great alternative to an eclectic trolley and will offer affordable options suitable for every budget.

Electric Golf Trolley

An electric golf trolley is a motorised golf trolley. Still designed in the same way as a hand held and pulled trolley, it has the additional design feature of an inbuilt motor. Please note it still requires guidance and assistance from the player. The motor is run off replaceable or chargeable batteries. The majority of electric golf trolleys have three wheels.

Electric trolleys are the perfect alternative for players who have serious health issues or concerns that inhibit them from carrying their bag around the course.

It is worth noting that electric golf trolleys are more expensive than a manual trolley.

Top 9 Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Golf Bag Trolley

Factor 1

Check how strong the structure of the trolley is. The stronger the structure, the longer it will last.

Factor 2

Assess the material. It is good to go for a lightweight golf trolley . This will mean the trolley is easy to maneuver but durable enough to last an extended period of time.

Factor 3

How does the trolley assemble? Is it easy to fold down and set up? The simpler the structure, the quicker and easier it will be to set up as well as reducing the risk of accidental misuse when packing down.

Factor 4

How does the trolley travel to and from the course? Does it fit in a car boot? Does the trolley fit a locker? These are all practical questions to consider before purchase.

Factor 5

What material are the wheels made out of? Some trolleys will use harsh rubber fabrics that may damage the course. It is necessary to investigate this before making a purchase to avoid any issues. Most three-wheel trolleys (electric and manual) are now made with air filled tyres that will not damage the greens.

Factor 6

When purchasing an electric cart it is necessary to assess how easy it is to control. Do the controls make sense? Are they easy to use and manoeuvre?

Factor 7

How good is the battery (this applies to a motorized cart only)? What is the life of the battery? Is it easy to replace and charge the battery? It is worth noting how many holes the cart is expected to last or the number of hour's usage it has. Also look into how long it takes to re-charge. Can this be done in a matter of hours or does it take an extended period of time? It is also worth noting if the trolley has a spare battery and how easy this is to change over. This will stop the trolley from dying in the middle of a game.

Factor 8

Do you like the aesthetic of the trolley? This may seem like a vein question, but at the end of the day it is you who will have to look at it every time you play golf. It is worth considering the look of the cart before purchase. Luckily the diverse range of products available on the market today mean there is plenty of choice. There will be a product available for any taste.

Factor 9

Cost. Budget will ultimately determine the type of product available. It is important to be realistic about the type of trolley available within the price range. Also worth taking into consideration are the hidden added extras. For example when purchasing an electric trolley, you may have to pay separately for the battery. Always ensure that all of these added extras are identified and accounted for in the over all budget.

Many different companies produce golf bag trolleys. Here is a list of some to consider (please note, this list is not exhaustive and seen as a starting point only)

  • Yamaha

· Power Pro

  • Powakkaddy

Golf Bag Trolley Materials

The most common materials used to make golf bag trolleys are:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Titanium

Both aluminum and titanium are extremely lightweight materials. In addition to being light, they also offer a strong and sturdy structure. The main advantage to using a lightweight material is the ease in which it can glide around the course. Obviously the lighter the structure, the easier it is to push around. However the only draw back to this is that it may dent easily.

Steel is a heavier material. This will mean it won't dent as easily but it does run the risk of being a heavier structure. It is worth noting that if steel is mounted on a good light wheel-base (air tyres) it will eliminate the weight issue.

Golf Bags

Traditionally trolley golf bags, Cart Bags, are larger than a bag carried by a player or caddy. This is due to the nature of the bags journey around the course. Because it is not being lifted, it is viable to have a slightly larger bag that can accommodate more equipment. Because of this, it is necessary to ensure that the bag being purchased is compatible with the golf trolley that will be carting it. The easiest way to do this is by:

· Looking at the design of the bag. Often cart bags will be labeled as such.

· Discuss with other professionals the suitability of the bag for a golf trolley.

· Take the measurements of the bag and compare with the trolley.

· Ensure the bag is suitable for the purpose required.

How To Purchase A Golf Bag Trolley On eBay

Purchasing products on eBay has never been easier. The wide selection of golfing goods include more than just golf bag trolleys but also golf clothesgolf shoesgolf clubs, golf bags and golf accessories. The way to search for specific products can be done via the many search options. The most visible is the large search bar at the top of every page. This function allows the user to place in broad search terms or specific items. Once the search button is pressed, eBay will collate all of the available products onto the same page. It is then up to the user to either browse the products or use other search options to hone in the search even further. Equally if a specific product is placed in the search bar it will bring up the selection for sale on the site at that given time.

Once a product is chosen, it is time to purchase. eBay's most common payment method is via PayPal. PayPal is a third party company designed to protect both parties. It will ensure that the money transfer is safe and secure. If you are a first time eBay user, it is worth looking at their Buyer Protection Programme.

To ensure the product is the correct item and to stop an unwanted return, it is worth addressing the seller's description and photo. These will offer a detailed overview of the product including information like the age of the product (if not new), reason for selling and condition. The photo will help to ascertain if the description is correct. If questions remain unanswered – be sure to use the Ask The Seller function. This is an eBay email system that supports correspondence between both parties.


A golf bag trolley, electric or manual is an excellent addition to any golfers equipment. Not only does it eliminate stress from a player's game, but it also matches with the aesthetic of any golfers' appearance creating a fine combination with golfing clothing, shoes and bags. This product allows players to move around the green freely and easily leaving them to focus on the game rather than the tweak in their back left over from the walk from the last hole.

eBay's wide and extensive selection of products to choose from make it an idea site to shop on.

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