9 Incredible Tricks To Transform Your Wedding On A Budget

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Image by Pinterest/Mon Cheri Bridals/Ginny Marsh/Intimate Weddings
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Image by Pinterest/Mon Cheri Bridals/Ginny Marsh/Intimate Weddings

Wedding planning is a lot of fun, but once you start it can quickly seem like there’s a never-ending to-do list that simultaneously tots up your total spend. 

The perfect day doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here’s a foolproof guide to throwing a beautiful wedding on a budget…

Image by Pinterest/Lily and Louise
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1. Make Gorgeous Invites With A Laminator

Wedding invitations set the scene for how your wedding will look and feel, so it’s only natural that you’ll want them to make a good impression. The only catch is the cost.
A simple trick to make homemade invites look professional is to use gold lettering

All you need to do is to print your desired invites, then lay gold printer foil colour side down onto your invite, before running both sheets through a laminating machine together. The heat will cause the foil to stick to the ink, and when you peel off the paper you’ll be left with gorgeous gold lettering. 

Shopping list
- Card
- Gold printer toner foil 
- Laminator
Image by Pinterest/Style Me Pretty
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2. Save With High Street Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’ve got a fair few girls in your gang you might end up with a hefty price tag when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.
Worry not; there really are affordable ways to have exactly what you want.

Avoiding searching for 'bridesmaid dresses' specifically, as they often come at a price tag premium. You’ll be able to find gorgeous dresses for your maids at a snip if you stick to standard dress searches. 
Image by Unsplash/Jez Timms
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3. Think About Flower Alternatives

Flowers are often one of the big spends at weddings, and it’s easy to see why. Fresh, beautiful blooms can transform any day - but have you considered an equally gorgeous alternative?

Many modern brides are turning to silk flowers.  Far more sustainable, longer lasting and cheaper than cut varieties, they are a great way to pre-prep an important element of your nuptials, and will still look stunning in years to come – giving you priceless, life-long, memories.  
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4. Ask Somebody To Make Your Cake As A Wedding Gift

According to Brides magazine the average price of a  wedding cake  comes to a whopping £300. So, if you've got a friend or relative who's a whizz in the kitchen, now’s the time to call on them for help.
There are thousands of  cake decorating supplies  on eBay, so whether you’re looking for a naked cake that’s all about flavour, or want an icing-topped spectacular you’re sure to find the perfect ingredients to help your chosen creation rise to the occasion.

You could even add a  personalised wedding cake topper  to make your cake extra special.
Image by Pinterest/Wedding Gawker
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5. Transform Any Space With Festoon Lighting

Less expensive venue options, like church halls, barns and sports clubs, can all be transformed with a little DIY and a little lighting know-how.
Festoon lighting will add a timeless glamour and romantic atmosphere.

Plus, if you buy your own lights you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come in your garden, on your balcony or even over your bed. 
Image by Pinterest/Erin Hiemstra
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6. Discover The Beauty Of Balloons

Much more chic soiree than kids’ party,  party balloons are back and they really can transform your wedding.
Opt for larger sizes to make a big impact and work on making them fit your theme. Pretty foliage attached to the string of balloons looks gorgeous, as do tissue paper pom poms and tassels.

Play around and see what works for you (and don’t forget the helium gas to make them last all evening!).
Image by Pinterest/Green Villa Barn
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7. Create A Romantic Mood With Artificial Candles

There’s nothing quite like candle light for setting the tone, but sometimes these little extras can literally feel like you’re burning money.
Instead of expensive scented wax candles why not opt for LED tea lights instead? Popped into a hanging glass lantern nobody will be able to tell the difference. Plus, they’ll twinkle all night.
Shopping list:
- LED Candles
- Glass Candle Holders
Image by Pinterest/Ginny Marsh
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8. Get Candid Snaps By Letting Your Guests Be The Photographer

One thing’s for sure, you’re going to want permanent memories of your big day – but that doesn’t always have to mean hiring a pricey photographer to snap a wedding photo album full of samey pics. 

Why not let your guests take the reigns when it comes to capturing your wedding? You’ll get gorgeous candid images, funny pictures and snapshots of parts of the day you won’t have seen. Simply scatter disposable cameras or instant cameras on the tables and let your friends and family play photographer. 
Image by Unsplash/Clem Onojeghuo
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9. Make Favours Work Double Time

Wedding favours might seem like an unnecessary expense, but there are ways to do them cleverly.
Instead of giving everyone lavender bags that they’ll never use, why not give away your decorations at the end of the night?

Mini potted succulents make a great present and will look beautiful running down the middle of your tables, too.  Guests will love the thought while you’ll love the penny-sparing solution to gifts. 
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