9 Totally weird things you can do with lube

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Lube: It's not just for play anymore

You can do WHAT with lube? Aside from making intimacy go more smoothly, lubricant has other uses that are just plain practical. It can fix your hair, help your marathon time and more. Next time you hit the drugstore, you might want to stock up.

Improving your sports performance

Silicone lube is the perfect anti-chafing solution for sport fanatics, apply to inner thighs.

Breaking in your new kicks

Silicone lube is great for avoiding blisters in new shoes or anywhere clothing would chafe.

Moisturizing dry skin

You can use cream lube like body lotion. Use silicone lubes as massage oil and as hand moisturizers.

Perfecting your hairstyle

Silicone lube can be handier (not to mention cheaper) than some anti-flyaway hair products on the market. It adds great shine to hair. Gel lube is especially good as a hair gel substitute.

Easing a stuck ring off your finger

In the labor room and operating room, we have used lube to remove patients' wedding rings prior to surgery when they are too tight to take off.

Shining your shoes

With silicone lube, you can polish your fancy latex dress or your patent leather.

Loosening a doorknob or a lock

Apply to jammed doorknob or sticky door locks.

Making crafts

Use in craft for preserving leaves.

Fixing your bike — and other household items

Silicone lube is used as an industrial lube. It works a treat when applied to bicycle chains, hair clippers, small appliances and act as a protectant against rust.



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