A Beginners Guide to Decorating a Cake

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A Beginner's Guide to Decorating a Cake

Cakes are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. From birthdays to weddings, cakes are popular for all types of occasions. Purchasing store bought cake may be expensive, and are sometimes thought to be less personal than a thoughtful, homemade cake. Although decorating cakes may take some practice, it is an easy, affordable gift perfect for many occasions. By making a cake at home, people are able to personalise the cake to the recipient's specific personality or occasion.

Cake decorating tools are helpful when making a cake, and allow people to create professional designs without the expensive price tag. Cake decorating tools can be purchased in brick and mortar grocery stores, or online using eBay. eBay has an extensive selection of tools, making it easy to tailor a cake to any occasion. Before decorating a cake, it is important to understand the types of tools available for making a cake, as well as the tips for successful cake decorating.

Beginner's Tools for Decorating a Cake

While cake decorating may seem complex and difficult, there are many tools available to help make cake decorating simple. By understanding the different types of cake decorating tools and the functions of each, it is easy to learn how to make the perfect cake.

Cake Moulds

One of the simplest ways to make a unique cake is with the help of a cake mould. Cake moulds are cake pans shaped in many different shapes and designs. Heart cake moulds are popular for weddings or anniversaries, and different shape designs are popular to celebrate different holidays. Cake moulds are either simple and complex, making it easy to use cake moulds regardless of cake decorating experience.

Icing Equipment

The icing design makes or breaks a cake. Fondant is one of the simplest icings to decorate because of its thick composure. However, fondant is more expensive and more difficult to make than regular icing. When decorating, many people choose to use different icing equipment to ensure their design is clean and professional.

Decorating bags are often used to squeeze icing evenly onto a cake. Decorating bags come in plastic or parchment paper, and is similar to wax paper. Also, decorating bags are typically either reusable or disposable. Another icing tool needed when using decorating bags is decorating bag tips. Decorating bag tips are small metal cones that attach to the bottom of a decorating bag to give the frosting line a specific look or texture. Some decorating tips create thin lines ideal for writing words, while others produce, thick, textured lines or designs, used to make designs or flowers on the cake.

A coupler is a two sided attachment that attaches the decorating tip to the bag and allows the baker to change the tip without changing the bag. Couplers are great for changing a tip while using the same frosting colour. However, many people choose different frosting colours for different aspects of the cake, such as text and design, so couplers are not necessary.

Cake Toppers

Aside from candles, cake toppers are a great way to add a unique touch to any cake. For weddings, traditional bride and groom cake toppers add the couple's unique style to the cake. Cake toppers are also popular for children's cakes, since they can be added to match the theme of the birthday party or the child's favourite cartoon character. When using a cake topper, the rest of the cake's decorations should be fairly simple, making it easy to make a professional looking cake as a beginner.

Cake Stands

Not only are cake stands important for displaying cakes, rotating cake stands make a world of difference when decorating a cake. It is important to choose a dense, heavy, rotating cake stand to ensure the stand does not topple over if slightly bumped or nudged. Cake stands are top heavy once the cake is placed on top, so it is important to choose a cake stand with a strong base to keep the cake in place. When adding small details to the side of a cake, a rotating cake stand makes the process quick and easy without having to stop and rotate the cake. Many cake stands double as a display case for the cake, and many come with a clear top to keep the cake fresh while it is on display.

Icing Cutters

Icing cutters are similar in shapes and sizes to cookie cutters, but are made to cut and shape frosting instead of cookies. Icing cutters are generally designed to cut fondant, which is a thick, dense frosting that is smooth and easy to mould. Icing cutters are for those a bit more advanced in cake decorating, since fondant is sometimes difficult to work with. Icing cutters add a unique look to any cake, and make it easy to personalise the cake for any theme or occasion.

Cake Ribbons

Cake ribbons are an easy way to make a cake look personalised, professional, and unique without spending a great deal of money. Many people choose to add ribbons to wedding or birthday cakes in order to match the party's theme or colours. Ribbons add a pop of colour to the cake, and can be embellished with words or names. For bakers who are having trouble making their cakes look professional, a simple, clean design with a personalised ribbon gives the cake a sophisticated, professional look. Although many cake ribbons are not edible, they are easily removable when it is time to serve the cake.

Tips for Decorating a Cake

Even with the help of cake decorating tools, things do not always go as planned when decorating a cake. By learning the tips for successfully decorating a cake, decorating the perfect cake is simple.

Decorate a Flat Cake

Because of the high temperature of the oven, many cakes tend to bake in a rounded shape, but flat cakes are much easier to decorate. Before making a cake, use a thermometer to make sure the oven is set at the correct temperature. If the cake still comes out in a rounded shape, use a serrated knife to cut the cake top off evenly. Another way to flatten the cake is by placing a plate over the cake as soon as it comes out of the oven to flatten it.

Let the Cake Cool

Putting on the frosting as soon as the cake comes out of the oven results in a melted mess. Before applying the frosting, it is important to let the cake cool so the frosting goes on smoothly without breaking the cake and creating crumbs in the frosting. For smooth frosting, using a spatula is recommended, and the spatula should never touch the top of the cake when frosting.

Add Some Colour

Coloured frosting is one of the simplest ways to customise a cake for any occasion. Aside from basic colours, there are many additional colours that are simple to make. When making coloured frosting, primary colours of food colouring should be added first and secondary colours should be added into the mixture.

Frosting Colour

Mixing Colours


Touch of pink and orange


Pink and violet

Navy Blue

Royal blue and black


Pink and red


Light blue and yellow


Black and white


Red and violet

When mixing frosting colours, it is important to first test the colours on a small amount of icing. The colour is a matter of personal preference, so more colours should be added until the ideal hue is achieved.

How to Purchase Cake Decorating Tools on eBay

eBay makes it easy to find cake decorating tools that may otherwise be difficult to find. With the large selection of cake tools available on eBay, it is easy to find the tools you need to decorate the perfect cake. Many beginners choose to stock up on the cake decorating basic tools, such as decorating bags and decorating bag tips. Purchasing more than one at a time saves money and time.

After understanding which tools you need to decorate a personalised cake, you are ready to begin your search on eBay.. One of the easiest ways to find cake decorating tools on eBay is with the use of keywords in the keyword search bar. If you already know what you are looking for, you can search a specific search term, such as 'cake decorating bags'. To browse through all of the different cake decorating tools available, you can use a broader search, such as 'cake decorating tools&'. With the wide selection of cake tools on eBay, you can find exactly what you are looking for from the comfort of your own home.


Cakes are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. However, store bought cakes are usually pricey and are easy to recreate at home. From birthday cakes to wedding cakes,, cakes are one of the easiest gifts to personalise based on the recipient or the occasion. Although cake decorating may seem difficult at first, practice makes perfect. By starting with simple decorating techniques, bakers are able to quickly learn the tricks of the trade and move on to more advanced decorations. Cake toppers and cake ribbons are another easy way to add flair to a cake without being an expert decorator.

From coloured frosting to cake ribbons, there are tons of ways to spruce up a standard cake. Giving someone a decorated cake is a thoughtful gift that the recipient is sure to appreciate and enjoy. By browsing through the different cake decorating tools available on eBay, it is easy to decorate a personalised cake for any occasion.

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