A Buyers Guide for Motorbike Lighting and Mirrors on eBay

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A Buyer's Guide for Motorbike Lighting and Mirrors on eBay

Safety is the most important factor when riding a motorbike. More people die from motorbike accidents than from car accidents. A motorbike should be equipped with the proper safety features such as lighting and mirrors. Proper lighting and mirrors help the motorbike driver see clearly in poor weather conditions and at night. With the use of headlights and side mirrors, the driver is able to see the oncoming traffic in front of the motorbike and the approaching traffic behind the motorbike. The driver also uses the rear lights and indicator lights to alert approaching traffic when braking or turning the motorbike.

There are different types of lighting and mirrors used on a motorbike. A buyer should become familiar with the different types and their special features. eBay offers a wide selection of different types of motorbike lighting and mirrors that include headlights, rear lights, indicator lights, and rear view, side mirrors. The buyer can use different search methods to locate motorbike lighting and mirrors on eBay.

Types of Motorbike Lighting

There are several different types of lighting used on a motorbike. The different types include headlights, rear lights, and indicator lights. Some motorbikes also use auxiliary lights such as LED lights.


There are two main types of headlights. They include reflector beam headlights and projector beam headlights. Reflector beam headlights are the oldest, most common type of motorbike headlight. Projector beam headlights are used on newer types of motorbikes.

Reflector Beam

A reflector beam headlight directs the light, through a glass or plastic lens, to a specific area in front of the motorbike. A bulb shines on a reflecting area within the lens, dispersing the light. The reflector and bulb are either separate units or a single unit within the lens. When the reflector and bulb are separate, this is a conventional beam. A conventional beam uses a ribbed lens for glare reduction. When the reflector and bulb are a single unit, this is a sealed beam. It does not have a ribbed lens.

Projector Beam

A projector beam headlight focuses the light in front of the motorbike through a condenser lens housed within a single, smaller unit. It also uses a reflector, but the light emitted from this type of headlight produces a more concentrated and longer beam. Without a wider dispersion of light, projector beam headlights provide limited lighting on the sides of the motorbike.

Rear Lights

Rear lights include stop lights, tail lights, and number plate lights. These lights enhance the motorbike's visibility to rear traffic during the day and at night. These lights also alert the traffic that the motorbike is slowing down to either turn or come to a stop. Most rear lights have a clear, tinted, or red lens with black or chrome housing. Popular styles include the cat eye and sharknose designs, and LED and mini-light configurations.

Rear lights come as separate units or combination units. Rear light, combination units may include stop and tail lights mounted to a number plate bracket. Another popular combination includes stop, tail, and indicator lights in a single unit. These units come in a black or chrome finish with red or orange LED lights.

Universal rear lights fit all types of motorbikes. If the replacement rear lights are not universal, the buyer should determine the correct model number for a particular motorbike. Some rear lights include a fitting kit and cable.

Indicator Lights

Indicator lights, or turn signal lights, flash when a motorbike is turning from one direction to another, alerting oncoming and approaching rear traffic of the driver's intentions. They can be attached to the handlebars or used in in rear light combination units. Indicator lights may be oval, rectangular, hexagonal, diamond, or spear shaped. The lens may be orange, tinted, or clear with black, chrome, or aluminium housing. Most indicator lights use halogen bulbs, but LED and mini lights are also popular. Many replacement indicator lights can be purchased as a universal indicator light to fit all types of motorbikes.

Auxiliary or LED Lights

LED lights are used as replacement lights for headlights, rear lights, and indicator lights for motorbikes. These small lights are energy-efficient, but may cost more than other types of replacement lights. They are also used as accent lights along the bottom and inside the body of the motorbike. They come in different colours, producing different lighting effects to enhance the motorbike's appearance.

Types of Bulbs

There are several different types of bulbs used with motorbike lighting. They include incandescent, halogen, and HID bulbs. The different types vary in light output and cost.


An incandescent bulb uses a filament to emit light. The filament is heated by an electrical current. This type of bulb uses more energy and produces less light than the other types of bulbs.


A halogen bulb is an incandescent bulb that uses a filament and halogen gas to emit a brighter, longer-lasting light than a standard, incandescent bulb. The bulb is heated to a higher temperature, causing the casing around the bulb to become hot. The bulb uses less energy than a standard, incandescent bulb but more energy than an HID bulb. It is used frequently in motorbike headlights.


An HID, or high intensity discharge bulb, emits a bright, bluish-white light. It does not use as much energy as the other types of bulbs. It also does not produce as much heat as a halogen bulb. Xenon lighting is a popular form of lighting that uses HID bulbs. Xenon lights use HID bulbs and xenon gas to produce light. Xenon lights are longer-lasting, but more expensive than halogen lights.

The following table illustrates the similarities and differences between the three different types of bulbs used with headlights, rear lights, and indicator lights. It compares the energy used, light produced, and cost.

Bulb Type

Energy Used

Light Output



Uses the most energy

Produces the least amount of light

Not as expensive as halogen and HID bulbs


Uses less energy than incandescent; uses more energy than HID

Long-lasting, bright light

More expensive than incandescent; less expensive than HID


Uses less energy

Long-lasting, bluish-white light

More expensive than halogen and HID bulbs

The table above examines the different types of bulbs used with motorbikes. These bulbs are used with the main lighting fixtures. Auxiliary or LED lights are used more as replacement and accent lights for motorbikes. eBay offers a wide selection of popular lighting options for motorbikes that use these types of bulbs. eBay also offers customised and universal types for any buyer's budget.

Types of Motorbike Mirrors

Another important safety feature for a motorbike is the rear view, side mirror. Motorbikes have two side mirrors mounted to the handlebars. These mirrors allow the driver to view the approaching, rear and side traffic. The mirrors use either convex or flat glass. Many side mirrors are also equipped with built-in indicator lights. A few, select motorbike models come with a mirror defogger.

Convex Mirror

A convex mirror allows the driver to see more of the area and objects behind and to the side of the motorbike. The objects appear to be farther away than they actually are, providing a larger field of vision for the driver. The driver can see more potential driving hazards when using convex mirrors.

Flat Mirror

A flat, glass mirror does not change the field of vision for the driver. The driver's field of vision is limited with the objects appearing as they actually are. With flat, glass mirrors, the driver cannot see as many hazardous road conditions that may occur while riding a motorbike.

Mirror Features

There are many different mirror features. Buyers can customise their motorbikes with different mirror shapes, styles, colours, and lights. If the buyer cannot find universal parts, then it is important to find model specific, replacement parts for the buyer's specific type of motorbike.

Popular mirror shapes include circular, oval, and rectangular. Unique mirror designs are reflected in the tear drop, candy drop, flame, and contour styles. Mirrors and integrated, indicator lights can be encased in either a chrome-plated, aluminium-polished, black, powder-coated, or gold-finished housing unit. LED lights are popular with these integrated units. Many units are made of a durable ABS shell with an acrylic, tinted mirror for glare reduction. Most mirrors are sold in pairs, and some can even be mounted to the windshield rather than the handlebars.

Buying Motorbike Lighting and Mirrors on eBay

When searching for motorbike lighting and mirrors on eBay, there are some easy methods to use. The buyer can type in keywords to search for specific items. For example, the buyer can type in 'motorbike lighting' or 'motorbike mirrors'. The buyer enters these phrases into the search bar on the eBay home page and then clicks the 'Search' button. The buyer is then directed to a page of listings for motorbike lighting or motorbike mirrors. The buyer can then choose a specific listing and read its description. After the buyer enters the keywords into the search bar, the buyer should also note the different categories in which the items are found. Using keywords and category searches, the buyer can hone their search.

When reading descriptions and examining photos of particular items, the buyer should also determine the specific features included in the descriptions before making a purchase. These features include types of lights, mirrors, bulbs, colours, shapes, and styles. The buyer should also note if the particular item is universal or model-specific. eBay offers a wide assortment of motorbike lighting and mirrors for any type of motorbike. Their items include new, used, replacement, universal, and model-specific parts.


Lighting and mirrors are two important safety features used on motorbikes. Headlights allow the driver to see oncoming traffic and any road hazards at night. Rear, tail lights allow approaching, rear traffic to see the motorbike at night. Rear stop lights alert other drivers when the motorbike slows down or comes to a stop. Front and rear indicator lights flash, warning other drivers that the motorbike is turning. Mirrors allow the motorbike driver to view approaching, rear, and side traffic.

Quality lighting and mirrors for motorbikes involve features such as mirror type and bulb type. Other features include different coloured finishes, lenses, designs, and fittings. eBay offers quality lighting and mirrors at affordable prices. Listings include headlights, rear lights, indicator lights, LED lights, convex and flat, glass, rear view, side mirrors. When searching for specific motorbike lighting and mirrors on eBay, the buyer should also determine if the parts are universal or model-specific, and if they include hardware or cables for installation. eBay's selection of motorbike lighting and mirrors appeals to any buyer's personal style and specific motorbike safety needs.

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