A Buyer's Guide to Saving Money with Generic Phone Headsets

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Compare Prices

When shopping for generic headsets, it is important to compare prices from a variety of different sellers and retailers. First, compare products to see which is most suitable. Once several potential headsets have been found, start comparing different retailers to see which ones offer the lowest prices. When doing so, always factor in additional costs, such as delivery charges, to see which offers the best value for money. It may also be prudent to consider where the headset is located, and where it will be sent from. This may well have an impact on the delivery charges of the headset, and will certainly affect the time it takes be shipped.

Consider Buying Second-Hand

Second-hand and used products are invariably cheaper than brand new ones. In fact, as soon as a product has been taken out of its original packaging it will lose some of its value. As such, buying products that have been used can lead to excellent savings, without necessarily losing out on quality. This is particularly the case with single sellers, and not larger retailers. Some people sell items they don't want, or have barely used. In fact, by buying second-hand it may even be possible to buy high quality branded headsets at lower prices than new generic ones.

Buying Generic Phone Headsets on eBay

There are few better places to shop for and buy headsets, both new and second-hand, than on eBay. On eBay there will be thousands of listings for every type of headset imaginable, all at a range of prices. To start shopping for headsets on eBay, go to the main homepage and then look for the category marked Electronics & Technology - this should be listed down the left of the page. Next, click on Mobile & Home Phones, and then Mobile Phone Accessories. Finally, click on Headsets to load of related listings. On this page it is possible to select the different options on the left to narrow the search further. For generic headsets, therefore click on Unbranded/Generic under type: now sift through the results to find appropriately priced options. For specific searches, use the search function by typing in some relevant keywords for the product being sought. For example, for brand new generic wireless headsets, type in "generic wireless headsets new".


Buying generic headsets is a great idea for those who want to save money. Many will be made to mimic high quality brands, and will do a good job doing so. One of the only differences will, in fact, be the price. However, to avoid shoddy products it is always important to review any seller or retailer and read reviews before buying from them. Customer opinion is the most useful tool to help anyone find both cheap and high quality, products, so use it.

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