A Buying Guide for CD Carry Cases

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A Buying Guide for CD Carry Cases

CD is the acronym for compact disc, which, as nearly everyone knows, is an optical device for storing digital data. Audio, video, or computing information stored on the CD is detected and decoded by laser beams. Introduced in 1982, this device totally revolutionised existing means of data storage. Cassettes, for example, stored very limited data. Because CDs could store vast quantities of tightly compressed data and in various formats, cassettes were quickly replaced by these compact discs.

Users looking to store important data and content must place their CDs in cases made specifically for the purpose of CD storage. One can easily find and purchase CD carry cases, with storage capacities ranging from a single disc to a few dozen to hundreds. In order to know which type of carry case to choose, users must first ascertain the number of CDs they wish to store and the details of the carry case under consideration, including the holding capacity, style, and functionality. Knowing the various styles of carry cases available and the materials these are made of helps in determining which product is useful. One can buy CD carry cases online at reputable sites such as eBay, which allows users to browse through hundreds of styles and designs while providing detailed information about each.

Compact Disc Design

Manufactured worldwide in accordance with established standards, the compact disc has a universal design for the sake of compatibility. The compact disc weighs approximately 15 grams and measures 120 mm diameter by 1.2 mm thick, with a central hole of 15 mm diameter that helps position the disc. The CD consists of three layers: there is a base of polycarbonate plastic, over which is a highly reflective aluminium coating, followed by a protective layer of clear acrylic. These high-precision, accurate devices are manufactured under stringent conditions and strict quality control.

CD Carry Cases Styles and Capacities

With people using laptops and personal computers for almost any work, and even for entertainment purposes such as listening to music, having CDs on which to store and back up data or music is essential. CDs are generally sold in jewel cases, paper sleeves, or plastic cases which the user may then sort, label, and arrange. The very basic styles are as follows.

Basic Type of Case


CD Holding Capacity

Jewel Cases

A sturdy, hinged plastic case with disc insert tray

 One or more

Plastic CD Sleeves

A thin, flimsy transparent sleeve or envelope


Paper CD Sleeves

An eco-friendly cardboard or paper sleeve

One or two

These cases are mostly used for storing a limited number of CDs. Yet, other types of sturdier, sleek CD carry cases are available that can hold multiple CDs at one time.

CD Storage Cases

People owning several CDs can arrange them neatly in order by placing them in individual CD slots within specialty boxes or cases. This way one can find any CD easily without going through a jumbled pile of discs.

Jewel Cases

These jewel cases are specifically made to protect CDs and are available in several colours. Comprising two plastic covers hinged together, the front cover generally holds CD content details and artwork posters such as images of the artists, information about the music tracks, and so on. The back cover holds a black or clear plastic tray with a design for the CD to fit firmly. This design is a set of fine teeth that fits within the central cavity on the CD to hold it in place. The jewel cases may hold one or two CDs depending on whether the circular design that holds the CD is available on one cover or both.

One can also purchase six jewel cases with two covers and multiple CD trays hinged together to hold a group of six CDs. These may be bought singly or in boxes containing 50, 80, 100, and even 500 jewel cases.

Generic C-Shaped Clamshell CD Carry Cases

Available as semi-transparent, clear, or coloured cases, the C-shaped clamshell is a streamlined packaging option that shows the graphics on the face of the CD. With a dock in its interior that locks the disc in place, this design provides adequate protection for CDs. The shell is made of flexible polypropylene plastic and has a click lock that prevents accidental opening. The impact-resistant plastic case has a stand that makes it easy to stack up these clamshell cases.

Cake Box Cases

Shaped like a cake box, this case has a transparent plastic lid and a black base with a spindle. The length of the spindle varies according to the capacity of the cake box CD case, as the CDs slide along the spindle and form a stack in the box. A twist-locking mechanism locks the transparent cover on to the black base, protecting the CDs from damage.

Aluminium CD Cases

Aluminium CD carry cases are generally for professional DJs, musicians, and others who have a vast collection of CDs. With capacities to store thousands of CDs and various other disc types, aluminium cases are lightweight but durable with ribbed and reinforced frames and edges. Several compartments within the boxes allow proper storage of large collections. Provisions for CD pockets with index labels and numbering systems makes for easy selection and referencing. Most aluminium CD cases have handles for easy portability and locking systems for security of the stored items.

Tin Cases

Made using high-quality tin, these cases have a design that is very like that of jewel cases, but very strong and durable. These round or square tin cases may be hinged or can be comprised of a base holding the disc tray with a removable lid. Tin cases are also available with windows on the lid that allow the user to easily see what contents the CD holds. The tin cases have the capacity to hold a single CD or up to hundreds of CDs. Another attractive feature is the bright and vibrant pictures on the face of tin cases that can indicate the types of CDs within, such as a tin case with images of classic nursery rhymes or stories and relevant CDs stored in it. These tin CD cases make excellent gifts.

Zippered CD Wallets

A very popular CD holder, the CD wallet carry case is durable, strong, and holds a good number of CDs. These zippered CD wallets are easily portable and are convenient for carrying around in one's bag or for storage in the car, as they offer effective protection against scratches, warping, and breakage. Zippered wallets for CDs have plastic sleeves to store each CD separately. These are enclosed in a nylon, vinyl, or leather-finish covers with adequate padding to protect the CDs from any impact. Available in different sizes, colours, and styles, these compact cases have square, round, or clamshell designs.

Some of the CD wallets have novelty designs such as a football, a hamburger, a slice of watermelon, and other designs popular with kids. Zippered CD wallets have comfortable handles that make them easy to carry along, either in the hand or slung across the shoulder, and is a popular choice of students, office-goers, and professionals alike.

Factors That Make a Good CD Carry Case

This simple and inexpensive product might not warrant much attention. However, today CDs are as important as books, containing important information and data; as such, they must have storage that protects the contents. The wise shopper would do well to consider a few aspects about the product before purchase.

Holding Capacity

One should select a holding capacity sufficient to contain one's CD collection.One should also allow for future expansion of the collection and subsequent storage needs.

CD Protection

One should choose a CD carry case that is sturdy enough and with enough cushioning. This protects the CDs from warping and other damage that can occur while carrying the case around.

Protection Against Theft

A CD carry case with combination locks or one that uses a padlock provides protection against theft. This can be particularly important for those who store important data on the CDs.

How to Buy CD Carry Cases on eBay

CD carry cases are nearly a necessity today, with people of all ages working on computers and saving content or music on CDs. A CD carry case is also a hot item with music lovers who generally have a huge collection of readymade CDs with their favourite songs. When the number of CDs increases, storing them becomes problematic. CD carry cases are the storage solution, and are easily available on eBay in every style and material, at competitive rates. The keyword "CD carry cases" typed in the search bar on the homepage will produce hundreds of listings for the shopper to browse through.

At this stage, shoppers can look for 'auctions only' listings to grab some great deals. You can also opt to select products sold by only by top-rated sellers, or items that qualify for free shipping. After selection, you can proceed to make payments, using any one of the secure payment options provided by eBay for quick, convenient, and safe buying.


CDs are optical devices used to store digital data, which must be protected against dust, moisture, scratches, and any other kind of damage for optimum performance. CD carry cases are specially made to hold CDs of all kinds and available in a variety of materials such as tough fabrics, aluminium, tin, and polypropylene plastics. There are various holding capacities, ranging from a single disc to hundreds. The shopper should bear in mind, however, that large cases containing many CDs are likely to be heavy and thus not easily portable. Such cases are mostly made of tin and aluminium and serve as bulk storage, ideal for use in homes, offices, and other such places where they are not moved around much.

Shoppers who want to carry CD cases around should opt for those that can hold up to 50 to 100 CDs. A variety of styles, including wallets, jewel cases, clamshell cases, small-capacity cake boxes, and small aluminium and tin cases allow for portability, with holding capacities ranging from a couple of CDs to 80 and 100 CDs.

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