A Buying Guide for Drill Bits on eBay

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A Buying Guide for Drill Bits on eBay

Drill bits are cutting tools that are used with an electric or power drill to drill holes into wood, metal, glass, or nearly any other material. Most drill bits are designed with the purpose of efficiently drilling through a single material at a specific size. Buyers can find drill bits in almost all sizes on eBay. Drill bit kits are also available, which can help buyers with purchasing multiple sizes of bits.

A common type of drill bits are twist bits, but other popular models include spade bits, centre and spotting bits, hole saw bits, unibits, and more. Anyone purchasing drill bits on eBay should decide what type of bit they need, how many bits are required, and what material the bits are for. The following information is designed to help buyers to quickly and easily find the bits they are looking for on eBay.

Choosing a Drill Bit

There are many different materials used to make drill bits but what the bit is made out of is not the only consideration. Everything from the material that the bit can drill to the type of bit can affect the result, so it is important to look at different types of drill bits and make a decision. A common drill bit is the twist bit but almost every type of bit is available on eBay.

Drill Bit Material

The first consideration is that bits are made of different materials. The material affects both the cost and the durability of the bit so there are a couple of factors involved. A standard cheap drill bit is likely made of low carbon steel with either no coating or a black oxide coating. High carbon steel is a more durable but still inexpensive drill bit; high speed steel is designed for more powerful drills and is more expensive; and cobalt, tungsten carbide, and diamond centre bits are more durable and a great deal more expensive. Buyers who do not need a drill bit for every item they make can use a cheaper bit while anyone who plans on using the bit regularly or for work should choose a more expensive and durable material. Most businesses should consider investing in a more durable drill bit. Different coatings can also affect the material but most are designed to extend the life of the drill bit.

Drill Bit Type

There are multiple types of drill bits but not all of them are necessary for most people. The average driller requires a twist drill bit to drill holes for pegs and screws but some factory and machine production requires more advanced bits. Other types of drill bits are designed for wood, metal, concrete, and different sizes of holes, and some can even drill non circular holes. Anyone who wants to drill holes for screws can simply go on eBay and look for a twist drill bit. The following chart outlines what other types of drill bits are used for.

Drill Bit


Twist Drill Bit

Drilling small holes for screws, bolts, and pegs

Step Drill Bit

Drilling holes in soft material such as aluminium


Conical drill bit for drilling small to large holes

Hole Saw Drill Bit

Twist bit with a circular saw around the edges, for drilling large holes in thin material

Centre Drill Bit

Metalworking bits

Core Drill Bit

Metal bits used to extract a core or enlarge a hole

Countersink Drill Bit

Metal bit used to drill a conical hole

Ejector Drill Bit

Metal bit used for medium to large holes

Gun Drill Bit

Metal bit that can be used with drilling fluid

Indexable Drill Bit

Used in production equipment

Left-Hand Drill Bit

Used for repeat drilling and screw extraction

Spade Drill Bit

Bit with a wedge at one end to drill a larger hole; options include wood and metal bits

Straight Fluted Drill Bit

A bit with no twist; used on soft metals because the drill bits are less likely to damage the metal

Trepan Drill Bit

Circle bit that leaves a centre core

Lip or Spur Drill Bit

Bit with a spur on the tip for drilling in wood

Spoon Drill Bits

Similar to spade bits but with a circular cutting wedge

Forstner Drill Bits

For drilling holes in veneered wood

Centre Drill Bits

Wood bit ideal for hand drilling, used for medium to large holes

Auger Drill Bit

Wood bit with straight drilling edges and conical design for removing wood chips

There are some other types of drill bits available on eBay but most are not necessary for anyone but a very experienced craftsman. Buyers who are planning on doing projects should consider the size and type of hole they want to make, and then choose a suitable drill bit designed for that material. Drill bits are made for metal, glass, wood, concrete, rock, and even plastics and fibreglass for electronic equipment. To find a suitable drill bit on eBay, buyers can simply search for the appropriate material, such as a 'wood auger bit'.

Drill Bit Size

Another consideration is choosing a drill bit size. Drill bits are sized in millimetres and, when being used for a screw, should be purchased a millimetre or two smaller than the screw. Many drill bits, especially cheap ones in soft material, actually drill slightly larger than the bit size so usually using a smaller drill bit is a good idea. Anyone who wants to use multiple sizes of screws, or drill multiple sizes of holes, can consider purchasing a drill bit kit. These often come with anywhere from five to as many as 100 different drill bits so most buyers can have every bit they need with one purchase.

Drill Bit Quality Check

Many drill bits can be purchased cheaply but might not be good for long term use. Anyone who is planning on using a drill bit for one or two home improvement projects can benefit from very cheap bits. Anyone who is planning on using bits frequently should consider looking for stronger and more durable materials. Options to look for in a quality bit usually include coatings such as black oxide, titanium nitride (TiN), titanium aluminium nitride (TiaAN), titanium carbon nitride (TiCN), diamond powder, and zirconium nitride. High speed or HSS means that the bit is made for being used with powerful drills and diamond core bits are very durable and strong. For most people, a simple steel bit is an excellent choice, especially if the steel is high carbon steel or cobalt steel. Many of the lower priced drill bits on eBay might be of lower quality, but it is easy to check the listing to see the materials and coatings used for the bit.

Considerations when Buying Drill Bits on eBay

Things to keep in mind when purchasing drill bits on eBay include that eBay is an international store and some of the bits are not available locally. Buyers who needs their bits as quickly as possible might have to look for local eBay sellers in order to get the drill bits fast. Other benefits of purchasing locally include easier returns should the bit not suit the project, and cheaper delivery fees.

Another consideration is that it might be cheaper to purchase drill bit sets rather than several single bits due to postage fees. Most post services charge a flat rate to ship an item and then add money per weight. If the item is lightweight then it still costs at least the flat rate, which means that purchasing multiple small items can cost more in shipping than purchasing one heavier item.

Finally, many people who are not familiar with drills search for the size needed for their individual drill. However, standard drills that can be purchased for home use have an adjustable grip, which means that they can fit a range of different shank sizes. Anyone who is not sure how big or small of a shank their drill can hold can take a measuring tape and measure the chuck or grip at all the way open and then all the way closed. These are the maximum and minimum sizes that a drill can use.

How to Find Drill Bits on eBay

Once you decide what type of drill bit you are looking for, you can search for it on eBay. Since twist bits are a common type of drill bit, this is the type most likely to come up when you search for 'drill bit'. Usually, it is a good idea to include the material that you are planning to drill. For example, searching for 'metal drill bit' or 'wood drill bit' generates different results. Importantly, wood drill bits are too soft to go through metal while metal drill bits could tear wood if used on the material. Some bits can work on multiple materials but usually better results are found by choosing the correct bit for a certain material. If you require a specific brand just search including the brand name like 'Black & Decker drill bits'.

Anyone who wants to drill multiple materials or multiple sizes of holes can choose to search for drill bit sets as well. Most standard sets include a range of different sizes, usually matching standard screw sizes. You should always remember to read the item description to check the material, location, and condition of the bit, and then make your decision based on the information presented.


Purchasing drill bits on eBay involves deciding on the type of bit, checking the quality and material, and choosing a bit based on price, shipping time, and the bit itself. There are many different styles of drill bits but twist bits are very common because they are used to drill holes in metal, wood, glass, and more. These bits come in different qualities ranging from soft steel to very hard titanium. Many drill bits also feature a coating, which helps to extend the life of the bit, especially during heavy use.

Buyers should decide what type of bit they need based on the size and type of hole they want to drill, on the material they are using, and on how often they plan to use the bit. Cheap drill bits are excellent for low usage but, for heavy usage, buyers should consider purchasing a more expensive and higher quality drill bit. Finally, buyers can use their chosen options to quickly and easily search for and find a drill bit on eBay.

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