A Buying Guide for Flatbed Trailers on eBay

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A Buying Guide for Flatbed Trailers on eBay

The main function of flatbed trailers is to carry large and heavy loads, as well as loads that are unusually shaped and need to be loaded and unloaded quickly. There are different types of flatbeds to choose from and buyers should consider the shape and size of the cargo, as well as other factors when making a choice. The design and size of flatbed trailers may vary significantly from one manufacturer to another and buyers should do some proper research prior to making an investment.

When shopping for flatbed trailers on eBay, buyers have the option to browse through numerous models from various manufacturers. Shopping around is a great way to make sure the machine business owners buy suits their particular needs. By learning more about different types of flatbed trailers that can be bought on eBay, people can make sure they make a wise investment that is suitable for their business.

What to Look for when Buying Flatbed Trailers on eBay

Many business owners find themselves having a hard time when picking out various pieces of machinery and equipment. This is also true for flatbed trailers, as buyers come across a wide range of options and features when shopping on eBay. Business owners need to be able to narrow down the choices in order to find the piece of equipment that is ideal for their needs without too much hassle.

New vs. Used Flatbed Trailers

The first thing to consider when on the market for a new or used flatbed trailer is how long the trailer needs to be. These pieces of equipment come in a variety of widths and lengths, so buyers should estimate the volume of their cargo prior to making a purchase. Those who pick up loads of different sizes can choose a large trailer in order to make sure they can accommodate all sorts of cargos. When shopping for flatbed trailers on eBay, one can easily find out the dimensions of the item by simply reading the product description as provided by the seller.

Flatbed Trailer Capacity

Another important thing one needs to be careful about is the capacity of the trailer. Buyers should make sure the flatbed trailer they buy can hold the weight of any load they intend to use the equipment for. Again, the choice is vast and buyers should remember that the actual freight capacity of a trailer may vary from one manufacturer to another. This is often based on the actual specifications of the trailer as well as on the characteristics of the semi-tractor used with the trailer.

Types of Flatbed Trailers on eBay

Buyers who are looking for a new or used flatbed trailers on eBay can choose from several types. The choice should be based on the type and weight of freight one intends to load on the trailer. Buyers should make sure they are aware of the total freight dimensions and weight that can be legally transported on a flatbed trailer before making a purchase. The chart below can help users determine the ideal type of trailer for their business according to the trailers' characteristics and maximum freight weight.

Type of Flatbed Trailer

Main Characteristics and Uses

Maximum Freight Weight (pounds)

Maximum Freight Weight (kilograms)


Popular due to their versatility; can be loaded from the top, rear, or sides



Step Deck

Feature a top and bottom deck; often employed for freight with height restrictions



Extendable Flatbed

Also known as flatbed stretch trailers; often used for freight that is too long for a standard flatbed trailer



Stretch Single-Drop Deck

Used for freight that cannot be loaded on a standard step deck



Double Drop

Often used for oversized freight



Stretch Double-Drop

Used for oversized freight that is too long for a standard double-drop trailer



Removable Gooseneck (RGN)

Allow users to load large pieces of equipment by driving them on



Stretch RGN

Used for long loads that do not feel on a standard RGN

42,000-150,000 and up

19,051-68,039 and up

Van or Dry Van

Enclosed trailers protect the freight from elements of weather; can only be loaded from the rear; can be expensive



Refrigerated Trailer

Similar to van trailers; can be temperature controlled




Feature a trolling tarp system; protect the freight from elements of weather



When shopping for a flatbed trailer on eBay, buyers should keep in mind the fact that the technical specifications and features may differ according to the brand they choose. The product description and the photos can help buyers make the right choice. Buyers should thus make sure they read all the information provided or contact the seller for more details.

Tips for Buying Used Flatbed Trailers on eBay

Flatbed trailers are expensive pieces of equipment and they sometimes can make a big hole in the budget of the business. Business owners who are looking to reduce costs can either opt for a cheap trailer or a used trailer. In many cases, the second option is wiser because one can obtain a high-quality product at a low price. However, one should pay attention to a few things when buying a used flatbed trailer on eBay.

Used Flatbed Trailers Condition

The condition of the item is obviously a vital thing to check for. Buyers need to make sure that the trailer they buy is in working condition and is not sold for parts. This information is available in the product description offered by the seller. The photos in the listing can also be of help as they offer buyers the possibility to check out the trailer from different angles. It is recommended to buy a trailer from a seller who offers at least a couple of photos and avoid listings with no photo at all.

Used Flatbed Trailers Warranty

Another important factor to weigh in when buying a used flatbed trailer is the warranty. In many cases, sellers mention whether the trailer is still covered, but one can simply ask if the information is not available. Being an informed customer is essential when shopping for expensive pieces of equipment, so one can make it a point to ask the seller a lot of questions. Established sellers are always glad to answer any questions you might have about warranty or any other aspect. A good warranty program can prove very useful in the long run, so buyers should look for it especially in the case of very expensive flatbed trailers.

How to Shop for Flatbed Trailers on eBay

A flatbed trailer is not quite your regular eBay purchase. The size, price, and large number of technical specifications that need to be taken into account may make the purchase process a daunting one. Fortunately, if you choose to shop for a new or used flatbed trailer on eBay, you can take advantage of the search system of the website, which allows you to find exactly what you need without wasting too much time browsing through listings that are irrelevant to your needs. Remember that flatbed trailers are pieces of equipment that should last for the years to come, so make sure you take the buying process very seriously.

Start searching for what you need by typing 'flatbed trailer' into the search bar. Browse through the results or narrow them down according to your preferences if they are too many. As you may already be aware, flatbed trailers are very expensive to ship, so you should look for sellers located within a reasonable distance from you. Before committing to buy a flatbed trailer on eBay, make sure you ask the seller all the questions you may want an answer for. This is especially indicated in the case of used items. For example, you may want to know the year of fabrication for the trailer you have set eyes on, as well as the type of cargo for which it was used.


Flatbed trailers are essential for any transport business that deals with heavy or oversized freights. In order to be able to buy the right item, business owners should make sure they do some careful research and planning. Even though buying a flatbed trailer on eBay may seem like an overwhelming task, the shopping experience should not be a chore if done correctly. Knowing what one is looking for is key when it comes to finding the right flatbed trailer for a buyer on eBay.

A new or used flatbed trailer typically costs a lot. This is the main reason for which one should be careful when shopping on eBay. It is always a good idea to see the item in person before making the transaction, if the seller allows it. The model, overall condition, and reputation of the manufacturer are all factors that may influence the price of a flatbed trailer. By choosing to shop for a flatbed trailer on eBay, buyers can often take advantage of some good deals and get good value for their money.

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