A Buying Guide for Kitchen Equipment on eBay

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A Buying Guide for Kitchen Equipment on eBay

Buyers who would like to create a variety of food dishes can visit eBay to purchase kitchen equipment to outfit their professional or amateur kitchens. Before purchasing kitchen equipment, however, buyers should consider a number of important factors that impact how their kitchen equipment can be used.

Most kitchens need a range of dual-purpose, basic kitchen equipment items that are employed for cooking, baking, preparing, and serving food, but the type of cuisine that is served from a kitchen often necessitates the purchase of specialised equipment. Luckily for buyers, eBay's wide supply of kitchen equipment items allows buyers to customise their kitchens to suit the demands of their menus and the constraints of their food service areas. eBay buyers can find new or used kitchen equipment to match their budgets, as well as kitchen equipment parts to repair the equipment they already own. To make the most advantageous eBay purchases, buyers should understand the applications of different types of kitchen equipment and know how to choose the correct equipment models for each buyer's particular needs. Take into consideration the look that you hope to achieve with your kitchen equipment, well known name brands such as Hotpoint may create a cleaner finish than items by celebrity chefs, such as Jamie Oliver

Kitchen Equipment Buyers

Kitchen equipment buyers need various equipment pieces based on the type of food service they offer and the style of food they prepare. The type of cuisine that is served in a restaurant determines the specialised kitchen equipment that restaurateurs, chefs, and caterers must purchase to complete their menus. For example, the equipment required by chefs who offer gourmet pizzas and pastas varies considerably from the equipment needed for chefs who specialise in preparing sushi. Caterers who serve food offsite often need mobile kitchen equipment that can easily adapt to different environments, like wedding halls or open air picnic areas. Home cooks with a penchant for preparing elaborate meals can add professional kitchen equipment to their home kitchens, but must keep in mind the increased space and power needs of many professional equipment pieces before purchasing their equipment.

Finding Specifications for Kitchen Equipment on eBay

When shopping for kitchen equipment items on eBay, buyers can find a wealth of information about the specifications of each equipment piece in eBay's product listings. Reading an eBay product listing carefully helps different types of kitchen equipment buyers ensure that the equipment they are considering for purchase has the correct specifications for their kitchens and menus. To be certain a piece of kitchen equipment is an acceptable size, buyers should measure areas within their kitchen layout to determine the largest width, length, height, and depth of stationary equipment pieces, like stoves or prep tables. After the largest size dimension is determined, buyers should keep purchases at, or below, those sizes to avoid creating a cramped, and potentially dangerous, kitchen workflow.

Cooking and Baking Kitchen Equipment

Cooking and baking equipment is an essential part of any well-developed kitchen. To match the demands of the marketplace, manufacturers create a number of different types of cooking and baking equipment pieces that each eBay buyer should assess for relevance in their kitchens before purchasing equipment from brands such as Miele, Morphy Richards and Hotpoint.

Burners and Cookers

To add additional cooking capacities to a kitchen, eBay buyers can purchase burners and cookers. Burners and cookers are often small-scale cooking instruments that feature one, two, or four burners that are used as needed to match increased food service demands. Because cookers and burners are lightweight and mobile, caterers and owners of small establishments that serve limited hot food items find them a valuable accessory. While browsing burners and cookers on eBay, buyers should note that there are numerous ways to power different models, including electricity, propane, and liquid gas.

Grills and Broilers

Charcoal grills and broilers allow chefs to apply close heat to food to decrease the cooking time needed to prepare foods, and can add specific flavours to food depending on the charcoal used to heat the equipment. Contact grills are a special type of grill that provides a flat, solid cooking surface, in contrast with charcoal grills, which typically feature a cooking grate made from heavy-duty wire. Before choosing which type of grill to purchase on eBay, buyers should determine how adaptable they need their grills to be. Charcoal grills can be easily used to grill meats, vegetables, and other solid food items, but cannot be used to cook soft food items, like pancake or crepe batters.


Fryers can be gas- or electric-powered, and are manufactured to hold a range of oil capacities, usually between 5 to 10 litres. To make chips correctly, some fryers contain dual oil vats that allow oil to be heated at different temperatures simultaneously. Before purchasing fryers on eBay, buyers should assess how often they plan to use their fryers during food service so they can choose the correct oil capacity for their fryers. Additionally, buyers should read the eBay product listing for a fryer to learn how the fryer is filtered and maintained in order to choose the least complicated fryer model.


Ovens for food service providers range from small models that can accommodate a number of baking pans at one time to large scale ovens that can bake multiple racks of baking pans. Since each kitchen's baking requirements vary, buyers should assess their menus before purchasing an oven on eBay to be sure they choose a model that can match their kitchen's demands. Although pizza ovens are specially-designed for baking pizzas, they can also be used to bake other bakery items, like cakes or cookies. Chefs who specialise in southern, central, or western Asian cuisines, like Indian cuisine, may choose to purchase tandoor clay ovens from eBay to accommodate a menu that features a variety of tandoori meats or breads.

Lamps and Warmers

Since there is often a lag in time between finishing and serving a dish, restaurateurs and caterers may purchase lamps and warmers to keep food hot. Each type of kitchen lamp or warmer available on eBay is suitable for specific applications, so buyers should research which type of warmer is best for their kitchens and service areas before making a purchase.

Type of Warming Equipment


Heating lamp

Provide dry, overhead heat to dishes that have already been plated

Pie warmer

Hot food displays with wire racks that can hold multiple pies as well as breads, sandwiches, or other self-serve hot items

Bain marie

Provides gentle heat by using water to heat food items like sauces, vegetables, or casseroles before they are plated; food items are placed in stainless steel trays before submerged in a bain marie

Chafing dishes

Used to serve foods buffet-style; often elaborately-decorated; feature fitted lids and bases that support a fuel element, which allows food items to remain warm during service

Some warmer equipment can serve a dual purpose in both kitchens and service areas. A bain marie, for example, can be used in a kitchen to keep hot items made in bulk, like side dishes or sauces, ready for plating and in a self-service food area for customers to serve themselves soups or buffet items. eBay buyers should consider the adaptability of warmers before purchasing models to make strategic choices that can expand their food service options.

Tables and Work Surfaces

To prepare food safely, kitchen equipment buyers can purchase heavy-duty tables that are manufactured to resist staining and burning while in use. Typically made of stainless steel, these kitchen tables can feature attached shelves that allow chefs to separate finished dishes that need to be picked up by servers from dishes in the process of being prepared. Stainless steel trolleys are a special type of mobile preparation table that provides chefs and caterers with a workable kitchen surface anywhere one is needed. Before buying tables and work surfaces on eBay, buyers should determine the orientation of their stationary tables based on the workflow of their kitchens. For example, some kitchen tables are designed to be placed in front of a wall, while others functions as centralised tables that can be placed in the middle of a kitchen.

Buying Kitchen Equipment on eBay

Buyers interested in taking advantage of the wide selection of kitchen equipment available on eBay should register to create an account before making a purchase. To register, buyers simply need to provide an email address and create a unique user name. Once registered, buyers can employ a number of search tactics to find the kitchen equipment they are searching for easily and quickly. Buyers can use eBay's search field to type in appropriate keywords related to their preferred type of kitchen equipment and browse the search results eBay generates. For instance, a search containing the keywords, "deck oven", includes every item containing those words in its title. Buyers can also apply eBay's special filters to their searches to narrow results based on price, condition, and item location. These handy features can be essential for kitchen equipment buyers purchasing heavy kitchen equipment that must be picked up by a buyer in person.


The kitchen equipment available on eBay allows buyers to purchase both general and specialised kitchen equipment to meet the challenges of every buyer's kitchen layout, as well as the variety of their food service offerings. Since every professional and amateur kitchen is different, buyers should take the time to assess their needs before shopping on eBay. This practice ensures that the buyer's purchase provides daily benefits and is appropriate for a kitchen's specifications. eBay features a vast array of kitchen equipment types, which buyers should evaluate on a classification basis to match the size and mobility of their food service options. Buyers should also consider how certain types of equipment can serve dual purposes to expand a kitchen's capacities. While shopping on eBay, buyers should pay close attention to the product details that accompany every eBay product listing to determine if their kitchens are equipped to handle the power, size, and maintenance demands of each kitchen equipment item they are considering for purchase. By planning and researching their purchases thoroughly, buyers can shop with confidence for their kitchen equipment on eBay and make strategic purchases that improve their kitchen's output.

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