A Buying Guide for Ladders on eBay

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A Buying Guide for Ladders on eBay

Ladders are necessary for many professionals including painters, woodworkers, roofers, and anyone interested in house improvement projects. Ladders come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, and each one is suitable for a different type of job or location. Wood ladders are suitable for indoor use, step ladders for almost anywhere, and leaning ladders for taller spaces.

Buyers looking for ladders on eBay should consider the height, durability, material, weight, shipping cost, and type of ladder. Special considerations include the cost of shipping large items, which can be quite high if the ladders are not purchased from local eBay sellers. Most buyers should check the height they have to reach as well as any specifications such as preferred material, desired weight, and the weight of the person using the ladder. Finally, it is important to set a budget and calculate shipping plus the cost of the ladder to find a suitable purchase option.

Different Types of Ladders

There are three main types of ladders, namely stepladders, rigid ladders, and folding ladders, but sometimes other options, such as rope ladders, might be desirable as well. Buyers should check the different types of ladders and determine a style that suits their needs based on height, safety, and weight rating. In most cases, the lighter the ladder, the lower the cost of shipping when buying DIY products on eBay.

Step Ladders and Folding Ladders

Step ladders are one of the most common types of ladders because they are small, lightweight, and can often be folded up and placed in small areas. These ladders are great for working around low heights, such as when painting ceilings or the top of walls, and can be used for everything from painting to reaching heights. Step ladders are usually 50 centimetres or less while folding ladders can be as high as 4 to 5 metres in height. Folding ladders are durable, usually made of aluminium or fibreglass, and very stable. These ladders fold out to create a four-legged base, which is excellent for areas where the ladder cannot be leaned against a wall. It is important to check the weight load capacity of the ladder before purchasing it. This information is usually provided in the item description on eBay, otherwise buyers can contact the seller.

Rigid Ladders

The rigid ladder is a single ladder rail that must be leaned against a solid object. These ladders can be used for climbing, as well as reaching high areas, but are not as stable as folding ladders. Rigid ladders are made of aluminium, wood, and fibreglass, but most ladders for work areas are made of aluminium or fibreglass. Rigid ladders offer the most height and can often be purchased on eBay with extensions. As with folding ladders, rigid ladders have a weight load capacity, which should be checked before purchase for safety reasons.

Multi-Purpose Ladders

Some ladders can be changed and rearranged into a variety of shapes in order to best suit the needs of the person using it. These ladders are often called multi-purpose ladders or combi-ladders and are excellent for a range of purposes including roofing, working in low spaces, and working in hard to reach areas. Importantly, these ladders use joints for flexibility, which does cut down on the overall tensile strength of the ladder.

Choosing the Height of the Ladder

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a ladder on eBay is that the height is very important. Most buyers should calculate the ladder height needed based on the average height they have to reach. Importantly, the shorter or taller the person, the longer or shorter the ladder must be. For most, a medium height ladder is suitable for lower and higher needs, but anyone who intends to work around high roofs, frequently on the roof, or anywhere that requires more reach, should consider purchasing a taller ladder.

Ladder Height (m)

Reach for a Medium Height (1.7 m) Person

















There are many different sizes and heights for ladders so most buyers can choose a ladder that is of the approximate height they are looking for. As a rule, standing on the top two rungs of the ladder can be very dangerous, so it is usually better to go for a slightly taller ladder, as long as it fits into the space it stands in. Considerations include that taller ladders are heavier and more expensive, which means that the product and the shipping cost more. It is also possible to choose ladder extensions, which usually range between 6 and 12 metres in length. Importantly, the longer the ladder, the less weight it is likely to be able to support.

Ladder Materials

Ladders are made of many different materials but aluminium and fibreglass are very common for industrial ladders. Aluminium ladders are lightweight, strong, durable, and inexpensive but are not always suitable for all workers as aluminium is electrically conductive. Fibreglass ladders are not electrically conductive, are lightweight, but are often much more expensive than aluminium ladders. For safety of the users, fibreglass is a good choice for home contractors who work with electricity, and for electricians. Other materials ladders can be made of include steel, wood, and even plastic.

Safety Considerations

Most ladders come with a safety rating, which reads as the maximum weight, the rating, or the commercial use. Usually, very heavy duty ladders can support no more than 140 kilograms of weight, so it is important to check the weight load and calculate the necessary load based on the person using the ladder as well as any items they might have on the ladder.

Ladder Rating

Ladder Weight Limit (kg)

Common Uses



industrial, building, roofing, painting



building, maintenance, painting, roofing



maintenance, drywall, building painting



painting, cleaning, light repair



painting, yard work, household work

Most professionals should purchase the strongest ladder available in the height they need in order to ensure that the ladder is useful across a range of projects. Heavy duty ladders are likely to last longer, be more stable, and be more useful should something heavy have to be taken up the ladder. However, anyone who only plans to use the ladder occasionally can invest in a lightweight ladder.

Local vs. International eBay Sellers

One of the very important considerations for ladder buyers is that ladders can be very large and very heavy. Anyone who wants to save money on delivery fees should consider looking for a local eBay seller who might offer lower shipping costs, or offer the buyer the option to pick up the ladder in person instead of receiving it via post. Most ladders are made of lightweight aluminium or plastic but can still be expensive to post due to their size, and choosing a local seller helps to keep postage fees low. Other advantages of choosing a local seller include that delivery is faster, and that it might be possible to return the ladder or exchange it if the wrong size is purchased. However, many ladders can be purchased from literally anywhere, so as long as the buyer is not concerned with the cost of shipping, there is no limit as to where the item can be purchased.

Buying Ladders on eBay

Choose a ladder height and material and then visit the home page of eBay to begin your search. Type in a relevant keyword and specify the material and the height of the ladder you are looking for. One consideration is that many ladders are sized in feet rather than in metres, but you can find the height in metres by dividing the given height in feet by 3.28. Many ladders have the height listed in metres as well.

It is important to read the description, check the shipping or postage options, and if you have any unanswered questions, consider contacting the seller. Checking if the ladder is new or used, the condition, the height, and even the colour should all be done before you make a purchase. Finally, if you find a ladder that you would like, you can purchase it using eBay's checkout options as listed by the seller.


Purchasing a ladder on eBay involves deciding on what type of ladder is needed for a project, how high the ladder must be, and how much weight it has to support. Standard materials that ladders are made of include aluminium and fibreglass, but some ladders are made of wood or even rope, depending on their intended usage. Each material has its own pros and cons so buyers should look into what they need before making a purchase.

The required height of the ladder can be calculated based on the height of the ladder plus the height of the person. On average, a person who is 1.7 m tall can reach about one metre above the ladder but anyone who is taller should be able to reach higher. Usually, a slightly taller option is a better option if the ladder is not too tall to fit into the space allowed. Finally, buyers can easily search for and purchase a ladder from either a local or an international eBay seller.

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