A Buying Guide for Loft Insulation on eBay

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A Buying Guide for Loft Insulation on eBay

A roaring fire and a few extra blankets may keep Brits warm during the windy, damp winter days that never seem to end. However, even multiple blankets and a crackling fire are no match for an insulated loft that not only allows heat to escape a home, but also acts as a conduit for cold air to enter a home. The technical description of loft insulation centres around the scientific concept of trapped air acting as a strong insulator to prevent heat energy from passing through the roof. Homeowners do not need to concern themselves with the science of loft insulation, just the fact that installing some variant of it is an important part of home construction.

Because loft insulation can be expensive, especially for large lofts, homeowners should consider shopping for it on one of the best ecommerce sites, eBay. Sellers on eBay offer a wide variety of loft insulation, some of which can be had at prices that are much lower than what homeowners find at home improvement shops. First, homeowners should learn about the benefits of loft insulation, the four major types of loft insulation, and the factors to consider before making a purchasing decision on eBay.

What Is Loft Insulation?

Loft insulation sold on eBay is more about where the insulation is installed than the type of insulation installed. As the name implies, loft insulation is installed in building lofts to trap heat from escaping a home or office building. Those who live in colder climates consider loft insulation a must-have purchase and many of them peruse the loft insulation options on eBay. The colder climate homeowners typically run heaters to maintain interior room heat, and thus, require loft insulation to prevent heat loss.

Loft insulation also prevents outdoor chill from entering homes. Homes constructed without loft insulation allow about 25 per cent of the indoor heat to escape through walls and window cracks. The type of loft insulation utilised depends on the type of applied surface. Fibreglass works best on smooth surfaces, while loose wool does the best job of plugging ceiling corners. Because of the fibrous nature of loft insulation, installers should wear dust masks, hand gloves, and protective goggles to prevent eye and skin irritation.

The Importance of Loft Insulation

Installing loft insulation purchased on eBay is a win-win for homeowners and the environment. Homeowners enjoy lower energy bills during an era of unprecedented energy price increases. Moreover, homeowners do their part to combat global warming and climate change, as loft insulation reduces the amount of CO2 dispersed from a home heating system. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) states that installing 270 mm loft insulation saves homeowners who currently have no loft insulation about over 100 pounds and 800 kg of CO2 emissions every year. Most homes in the UK have some loft insulation, but since building regulations require 270 mm, many homeowners may need to top off their current eBay loft insulation. Installing loft insulation also upgrades a home's Energy Performance Certificate, as well as provides an excellent way to absorb sound. Homeowners reap all of the benefits after a quick and easy installation.

Types of Loft Insulation

Homeowners have several different types of loft insulation to choose from on eBay, but they most likely come across sellers who offer one of four of the primary types. Blanket insulation is available in rolls of foil-backed felt, glass, rock, or mineral fibres, and it is considered the most common type of insulation. Blown fibre insulation requires the insulation to be inserted into the gaps between ceiling joists. Manufacturers construct sheet insulation to fit sloping roof sides that possess a fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, or decorative covering. Loose fill loft insulation is made from a variety of lightweight materials that include cork granules, mineral wool, or cellulose fibres. The following chart describes the pros and cons of each of the major types of loft insulation found on eBay.

Loft Insulation Type




Easy for homeowners to install

Insulates accessible places, such as exposed wall cavities

Some materials can irritate skin

Blanket rolls can be too bulky to fit properly in small spaces or in ceiling corners

Loose fill

Perfect for fitting between unevenly spaced joists

Recommended lofty insulation for topping

Can loosen in draughty lofts


Eco-friendly options that include cork, straw, and wood board

Can add plasterboard to enhance finish

Highest insulation value per unit of thickness

Requires high-grade safety goggles and protective clothing

Synthetic insulation materials expend large amounts of energy during production

Most expensive type of loft insulation

Blown fibre

Eco-friendly material option include recycled paper and wool

Perfect for insulating hard to reach areas

Convenient to cut and handle

Requires professional installation

Not recommended for draughty lofts

Besides factors such as cost and ease of installation, homeowners also must consider numerous other factors before they choose loft insulation. Most of the factors involve the configuration of the loft, which can influence access and the longevity of the installed loft insulation.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Loft Insulation

Homeowners shop for loft insulation on eBay with numerous factors to consider. Most of the factors involve how much loft space requires insulation and the configuration of the loft. In addition, homeowners must factor in climate and budget before they reach a decision. The best way to shop for loft insulation on eBay is to rank the following factors in terms of importance.


Those who live near the open sea typically experience windier climates, which means their lofts may be draughty or downright blustery. Many homes constructed before contemporary housing codes include lofts that allow copious amount of air to seep through walls and window joints. This means homeowners in windy climates should consider loft insulation that not only prevents heat from escaping, but also protects loft interiors from wind gusts. A vast majority of the UK sits in a very moist climate zone, which means the materials chosen for loft insulation should be highly water-resistant.

Easy Access and Regular Joists

Lofts that present convenient access and possess little or no moisture issues should only require a do-it-yourself installation of mineral wool loft insulation. Regular joists, which are the horizontal beams that comprise the floor of the loft, only require loft insulation to be placed between the beams, and then a second layer placed at right angles to cover the joists. Blanket loft insulation is another option for covering the empty spaces of easy access lofts.

Difficult Access and Irregular Joists

Older UK homes have unique loft designs, many of which are difficult to access for lying loft insulation. Moreover, the joists are unevenly spaced apart and run at varied lengths. For this type of loft, homeowners should consider hiring a professional to install blown loft insulation. Professionals use specialised equipment to blow loose, fire-resistant insulation material constructed with tough cellulose fibre into the more difficult-to-access loft spaces. Irregular joists present numerous obstructions, which makes loose fill loft insulation the perfect match for this type of loft. eBay sellers offer loose fill loft insulation in bags that can comprise cork granules, vermiculite, or cellulose fibres.

Flat Roof

Most home construction companies prefer to construct sloping roofs to abet water drainage, but some older homes have flat roofs that require installation of a rigid insulation board on top of the roof's weatherproof insulation layer. Homeowners who live in a flat roofing home should ask eBay sellers about the waterproof properties of the loft insulation they have for sale. Therefore, homeowners who already have some type of insulation should consider topping insulation, such as loose fill loft insulation.


Installing loft insulation can be an expensive job, from buying the insulation to purchasing the power tools required for installation. For more difficult-to-access loft spaces and irregular joists, homeowners may need to pluck a few extra pounds down to hire a professional. Homeowners should create a budget to see if they can afford the best type of insulation and a professional to install it. Even if a job requires more financial resources, homeowners can still find high-quality loft insulation online by shopping on eBay.

Buying Loft Insulation on eBay

Loft insulation shopping requires walking the fine line between cost and quality. You can widen that line by searching for sellers who offer high-quality loft insulation at discounted prices on eBay. Some sellers may have excess loft insulation from a recently finished project. This means that the insulation is considered to be in mint condition. In order to unload the excess inventory, which can be substantial, eBay sellers offer discounts or bundled packages at reduced prices. The best way to find these sellers is to search for eBay's top-rated insulation sellers.

eBay's Top-Rated Sellers have established reputations for selling high-quality products at reasonable prices. However, searching for eBay Top-Rated Sellers is just one way to verify seller integrity. You can also review customer feedback that eBay places on seller product pages. For loft insulation, look for sellers who have received consistently positive feedback over the past year for selling insulation. After you review customer feedback, remain on the seller's product page to analyse the enlarged photograph of the insulation, as well as learn about the seller's accepted payment methods and delivery terms.


Rising energy prices have prompted most Brits to look for ways to cut down their heating bills. Some of the strategies to reduce heating bills include wearing layered clothing, turning down the heat at night, and sealing porous doors and window frames. Yet, the most effective way to cut down on home heating costs is to install loft insulation. While installing loft insulation requires a significant financial investment, the payoff comes in just a few years when reduced monthly heating bills more than make up for the initial investment. Installing loft insulation also helps the environment, as the insulation reduces the amount of CO2 released into the air.

Choosing the right type of installation for a loft depends on the loft configuration and the surface of the loft material. Older homes often have flat roofs, irregular joist positions, and difficult-to-access spots that require a professional installation of loose fill or blown fibre loft insulation. The move to construct sloping roofs and easy-to-access loft spaces has made blanket insulation the most common type of loft insulation. Homeowners typically install blanket loft insulation themselves, a process that requires them to wear protective goggles, as well as don clothing that prevents skin irritation.

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