A Buying Guide to the Most Appropriate Court Shoes for Work

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A Buying Guide to the Most Appropriate Court Shoes for Work

Court shoes are one of the most classical footwear styles for women. They have remained popular throughout the years mainly due to their comfort. As simple slip-on shoes that can be put on in seconds, court shoes are perfect for ladies who hurry to work every morning. When sitting at the desk in the office for long hours, it is also easy to slide the feet out of the shoes in order to do some foot circles. Although it is not very common, some court shoes may have ankle straps. These straps add to the style of the shoe and are easy to adjust.

The heel of court shoes is typically raised and this adds a few centimetres to a woman’s height. Although the heels are usually not very high, some court shoes also come with stiletto heels. Whether a type of court shoe is comfortable to wear at work largely depends on the wearer and the type of work that she is doing. Jobs that require a lot of footwork are best done in low-heeled court shoes, while a day spent sitting at a desk can be passed by in attractive stiletto court shoes. Wearing court shoes to work is a practical, yet stylish choice because these shoes offer femininity and comfort in one. Choosing the most appropriate court shoes for work requires some consideration. Browsing in high street shops can provide some ideas regarding preferred styles, but for a wide selection of court shoes, online auction sites, such as eBay can help when weighing up the types of footwear available.

A Short History of Court Shoes

Court shoes have been around for many centuries. Throughout the years, their function and appearance has changed, but their essence, comfort, has remained the same. Court shoes were first mentioned during the Elizabethan era, when they were worn by footmen. These 16th century versions were flat, but soon a low heel was added. In the 19th century, court shoes became an important part of men’s evening dress. Before World War I, court shoes were used as a part of men’s formal dress, but their popularity was in decline. In the first half of the 20th century, court shoes that had small heels became the preferred choice for daytime footwear. While court shoes were still honoured in men’s evening wear, the oxford was beginning to become more common than the black patent court shoe.

When the stiletto heel was invented in 1955, it was added to the court shoe, and this is when its rise as women’s footwear begun. At the same time, shoes with a wider toe and a lower heel were also invented and they were called opera court shoes. During the 1960s, women preferred wider square heels and wore court shoes less often, while the 1980s saw the increased popularity of the slingback style as well as high heeled court shoes. The trend in the 1980s, of walking to work in trainers led to court shoes just being put on in the office and this persisted throughout the decade. Since then, court shoes have remained the favourite choice of footwear at work.

The Main Features of Court Shoes

Essentially, court shoes have a low-cut front and a short to medium height stiletto-style heel, although flat heels are also produced. Making the court shoes is easy because it only requires assembling one piece of leather on the outside and a piece of cloth on the inside of the shoe. The styles are subject to change because fashion never stays the same. The most long standing features are described below.

The Material of Court Shoes

Traditionally, court shoes were made of leather, but as technology improved over time, manufacturers began to use a wider variety of materials. So, court shoes can be found in textile, synthetic leather, and suede. More festive court shoes that can be worn on formal occasions, such as receptions in the office, are made of satin.

Ankle Straps on Court Shoes

Early versions of the court shoe were very simple because they were mainly worn by domestic staff who needed slip-on shoes without buckles. Today, court shoes often come with ankle straps that add elegance and allow the foot to stay securely in the shoe. Ankle straps can be beneficial when a woman needs to move fast, for example, running to catch a train. In a way, ankle straps help to make the shoes accident-proof.

Heels of Court Shoes

Although court shoes can be flat, they are more often equipped with heels. The heel height is dependent on the current style and it varies from low kitten heels to higher stiletto heels that are known for their narrow shape. Higher heels make women look taller and are considered sexier, but they also put more pressure on the foot. Therefore, stilettos are better on days when there is not much footwork to do.

Toes of Court Shoes

There are three types of toes found in the design of court shoes. Pointy court shoes are the most common style worn by women and they have stood the test of time thanks to their femininity. Rounded toes look smoother and are slightly more comfortable because they allow extra room for the toes. Peep-toe shoes reveal the toes as a part of the upper material is cut off above the middle tip. These shoes are best worn in warmer weather.

Finding the Most Appropriate Court Shoes for Work

Finding the right pair of shoes might seem like a complicated task because the choice is very wide. Shoes for work are possibly the most important footwear because they are worn on most days and for many hours at a time. Therefore, it is clever to opt for court shoes that not only look good, but also offer comfort to the feet for long hours.

Considering the Weight of the Shoe

When buying court shoes from a high street bricks and mortar shop, it is easy to feel the weight of them in the hands and decide whether they are light or heavy. While choosing footwear from online stores, such as eBay, the seller may sometimes list the weight of the shoe. Therefore, it is good to know how much a typical court shoe weighs. The lighter the shoe, the easier it is to sail through a whole day of wearing it.

Gradual Slope Adds Comfort

Although steep pitch between the toe and the heel makes the feet look smaller, it might not be the most comfortable option because the arch has to deal with a lot of pressure. Gradual slopes may not look as sexy as steeper ones, but these shoes usually come with lower heels as well, which are vital for women who need to do a lot of walking.

Underfoot Cushioning

Some court shoes already have underfoot cushioning added to their design when they are manufactured. Popular cushioning types include Nike Air padding, that is often found in athletics footwear, and memory foam that adjusts according to the feet. If the court shoes have a hard sole, it is also possible to buy special pads and put them into the shoes for added comfort.

Leather Upper

Court shoes that have leather as the material of their upper part and lining stretch better than textile ones. Feet tend to swell when shoes are worn for many hours, so the stretchability helps to maintain comfort throughout the day. Also, a lining and insole that are stitched together rather than glued adds to the flexibility.

How to Find Appropriate Court Shoes on eBay

eBay is large auction site and therefore it has court shoe listings for all tastes and needs. As usual, you can start your search on the main page by typing “court shoes” into the search box. After you have received the first search results, you can narrow down the choices by selecting the sort options. You can view the court shoe range by available sizes, heel heights, and style, such as peep-toe or court shoes with ankle straps. You may also start by browsing the women’s shoes category where you can select the court shoes style and then choose your size. You may even narrow the choice down to your favourite colour.

Buying shoes without trying them on first may seem rather daunting for some. When searching for court shoes, be aware that some sellers may be willing to refund or send you another size if the shoes are not a perfect match for your feet. The sizing of shoes can vary from one manufacturer to another, so be sure to contact the seller and find out whether these options are available because going to work with an poorly fitted shoe can cause many foot problems, including blisters.


Court shoes have been a fashion staple for centuries for a reason. They represent taste and elegance, but at the same time, they are practical. Easy to slip on, court shoes are the perfect companions for everyday life and work. Depending on the nature of the job, women can choose from low to stiletto heels. The more footwork the job involves, the more comfortable the shoes should be, and this usually implies lower heels. When choosing court shoes for work, it is wise to opt for cushioned models made of leather because they offer support and flexibility. Court shoes can be found in many shoe shops as well as online auction sites, such as eBay. When buying from an understanding seller, it is possible to return the shoes if they do not fit and therefore any hesitation about buying shoes online is eliminated. Court shoes can be worn with a wide variety of clothes and they work particularly well with office outfits. Delivering both elegance and practicality, court shoes are a great companion for business lunches as well as daily office work.

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