A Common Sense Guide To Buying & Selling Haunted Items

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Our home is full of antiques and has a lot of documented activity. I have purchased items sold as "Haunted," and have no problems with those who sale items that have the documentation to support their claims. They can actually be useful for research purposes. However, collecting haunted items isn't for everyone. Here are a few suggestions I thought I would jot down for those of you seeking to purchase haunted items.  

1. Buying haunted items seems to be a strange current "Fad." Please do not purchase any haunted items unless you are willing and able to deal with the consequences it may bring into your life (See 9 & 10). 

 2. Never buy a haunted item without some sort of documentation with it. This would be legitimate photos (You need to know how to use photo shop to know if they have been altered or shot on night shot. Most any item can look haunted shot on night shot), EVP's, or film.

3. Be leery of sellers with mass amounts of haunted items. You know the "I found a trunk with 100 haunted dolls in it inside the attic of an abandoned house." Even if that situation existed, it would still be doubtful that all 100 dolls were haunted. 

 4. Documentation is so important in any haunting. Once brought home keep a log of all activity surrounding the item. That way you can reflect on the weather conditions, moon phases, .......  

5. Self empowerment! Learn to use a digital camera. Learn to use Paint Shop Pro so YOU will know how to spot doctored or altered photo's. 

 6. Set up a recorder by the item when no one is in the home to scan for EVP's. 

7. Make sure you yourself have some sea salt and holy water / oil available to you in the event that things turn bad with your item to bless your home with (Sorry we don't sell those items, but others do on Ebay). If you scroll through our feedback you will see that a some of our buyers actually got more than they bargained for....

8. Have a plan of action of how you are to dispose of the item if it starts wreaking havoc in your home! Some of the activity we have witnessed from haunted items are banging's on walls, scratching noises, walking sounds, moans, knocking, whispering, displaced objects, bed shaking, scents, ectoplasm, ........

In short collecting paranormal items is a fascinating hobby for many and a passion for others. Self empowerment by being a well informed buyer helps both you and the seller. There are many free "How To" sites on the web on paranormal photography and EVP's, study them and empower yourself.

Good Luck & Happy Haunting To All!

The Haunted Store

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