A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Packaging and Posting Boxes

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A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Packaging and Posting Boxes

Whether packing for a big move or looking to send a package safely through the mail, having the proper packaging and posting boxes is a must. There are many different types of materials used for packaging that help protect whatever it is a person is mailing or boxing up. Understanding the different types of packaging available can help buyers choose the right options for posting any merchandise or packing any object. There are also different options that come with choosing a posting box. Some are more sturdy than others, and some come in a tube shape to mail things like pictures, posters, and fabric. Posting boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so knowing what is available can help buyers make a purchase decision. No matter what buyers are looking to move or send, there are supplies out there to ensure the goods do not get damaged in the post.

Different Types of Packaging Products

When sealing up a box to send out, the contents inside need to be packaged properly to ensure nothing gets damaged. Even items like pillows and bedding need some type of packaging product to keep them from getting damaged. Should a box get wet while being shipped, or sit in storage long enough to collect dust, packaging products like polythene storage bags can keep the items from getting destroyed. There are several different types of packaging products, so protecting whatever it is that is being boxed up should not be a problem. Before deciding which products are necessary, buyers should benefit from understanding the main features and functions of each type of packaging product.

Bubble or Foam Wrap

Bubble wrap is a great option to protect fragile items like glass or ceramic. It comes with bubbles of different sizes, and is often purchased in bulk, on a roll. As far as protection goes, small bubbles are suitable for small, lightweight, fragile items. Medium bubbles are better for protecting heavier, less fragile items. The large bubble option is mostly used to fill up space in a box so that things do not shift around when the box is being moved. There is also an option of foam wrap, which serves the same purpose as medium bubble wrap. Foam wrap is ideal for protecting dishware. It serves more as a buffer between other objects and less as a protector from the box itself.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are a great packaging tool to prevent damage, especially when the goods are being shipped through the mail. Packing peanuts are small, peanut shaped foam pieces that fill up the box around the contents inside. Because packaging peanuts are thick, and fill up the entire empty space of a box, they are a great option for a person who is worried about items breaking while in a box. A bonus with the packaging peanuts is that they can be reused time and time again. Simply store the peanuts in a garbage bag or box until the next time they are needed.

Polythene Storage Bags

When a person is packing up items like clothing, bedding, pillows, or fabric, it is often overlooked that those items need protection. Just because they can not break does not mean those items cannot be damaged. Polythene storage bags seal the items and protect them from damage like water, dust, or dirt. The bags come in different thicknesses, the thinner options being better for lightweight or small objects, and the thicker varieties being better for larger, bulkier items.

Packing Tape

Packaging tape is a necessity for nearly all packages. The tape not only seals the box shut, but it also secures items that are inside the box. Most people who use bubble or foam wrap also prefer to tape the wrap down securely to the object to further protect the contents of the package. Packaging tape is typically a thick, clear tape, and can be purchased as an individual roll or on a tape gun. Tape guns help cut down the time of sealing boxes shut because the gun dispenses and cuts the tape itself, saving the user from having to unroll and cut the tape with scissors.

Different Types of Postal Boxes

When it comes to packing up items to move or send through the mail, having the appropriate size box is very important. A suitable box helps keep objects secure, and if it is sent through the mail, helps keep the postage cost down. There are postal tubes for items like pictures or fabric, and there are different shapes and sizes of standard cardboard boxes for anything from clothing and bedding to glass and ceramic. No matter what object a person is looking to send through the mail, understanding what options they have is very important.

Postal Tubes

Postal tubes are an easy option for a person looking to post items such as pictures, posters, documents, fabric, or, in general, any item that would be damaged if folded and placed in an envelope or box. Items can be rolled up and placed into the tube without the risk of being bent or creased. Postal tubes are made of a thick cardboard material, and keep the items inside safe. To be extra cautious, using a polythene storage bag over the contents on the inside further helps protect the items being shipped from damage. Postal tubes come in different lengths, so one should find a tube that most closely matches the length of the object stored in the tube. This helps keep the object from moving up and down when in the mail and prevent the edges of the object from being bent.

Postal Boxes

There are many different types of postal boxes. Depending on what buyers are looking to ship, they can find an appropriate box to securely seal the items. For instance, there are boxes specifically designed to accommodate bottles, with dividers inside the box to keep bottles from hitting each other. There are also posting boxes of different thicknesses. Thinner boxes are recommended for lightweight items, while thicker boxes are designed for bulky, heavy items. Posting boxes come in standard square shape or in flatter rectangular shapes. There are also options for boxes that are very long and narrow, which hold items like golf clubs or carpets. There are many different types of posting boxes, but one thing that is true for all boxes is that they are less expensive when purchased in bulk. This is especially helpful for people looking for boxes to use during a move or for the owners of businesses selling goods online.

How to Purchase Packaging and Posting Boxes on eBay

eBay is a great place to purchase packaging and posting boxes, offering thousands of options to meet any buyer's needs. Whether you are looking for materials for a big move or just looking for the right size box for a particular item, eBay makes finding materials easy. On eBay, you have the option of making a general search, which is a great way to see all the items you might need so that you do not forget any supplies. A general search is a great way to see all the inventory for packaging and posting boxes. If you are looking for a particular item, try searching with specific keywords. This is a good option for a person looking for a specific size box or packaging material.

Once you have found the item or items you were looking for, be sure to read the product description. You may find that it is less expensive to buy items in bulk, so if you are buying a large amount of packaging supplies, be sure to compare the prices of buying bundles versus single items. Another way to cut down cost is to search for items in close proximity to your location, so that you can save on postage fees.


Whether buyers are looking to box up several items to send through post, or they are preparing for a big move, finding the proper supplies to protect the items from getting damaged is very important. A good way to keep an item from getting damaged is to use the right size packaging box and packaging supplies in the box. These can be anything from bubble or foam wrap, to packing peanuts.

The use of packaging materials can help prevent objects from moving around in a box, causing damage to those items or other items being shipped with them. Using the right size packaging box is important because a box that is too large or too small can cause damage to an item before it is even moved or shipped. Before making a purchase of packaging and posting boxes, consider exactly what it is that needs to be boxed up. Some buyers may find that it is a better value to buy a bundle, which often includes boxes of different sizes, tape, a tape gun, and bubble wrap, everything they may need to properly package their goods.

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