A Detailed Guide for Buying Foglight Assemblies on eBay

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A Detailed Guide for Buying Foglight Assemblies on eBay

Car lighting systems consist of headlights, signalling devices and auxiliary lights such as foglights that are mounted onto the front, sides, rear, and top of cars or trucks. Fog can be quite treacherous to drive in, and anyone who has ever driven in foggy conditions understands this. Sometimes fog can be so thick that visibility is reduced to just a few metres. Fog makes it difficult to see the road ahead and other road users.

To avoid many of the dangers caused by reduced visibility, drivers often rely on strong fog lamps to light the way through the fog. If a foglight should break, some drivers choose to simply rely on their car's headlights while driving in fog. The problem lies in the fact that headlights do not emit light of sufficient intensity to cut through the fog. Instead the light is reflected back at the driver, reducing visibility further. Therefore, should a foglight assembly break down, it is critical that the unit is replaced as soon as possible.

Before buying a foglight assembly, it is important to research the types of foglight assemblies available, as well as any local laws related to the use of foglights. eBay carries thousands of listings for car parts, including safety lighting such as foglight assemblies. Because the number of listings on eBay can number in the thousands, buyers should familiarise themselves with how to navigate the site's search platform effectively.

What Are Foglights?

Foglights are those lights that are mounted on the front of cars and tracks. These lights help light the way for a driver when visibility is reduced due to foggy or misty conditions. Foglights are available in a variety of colours and intensities, and nearly all of today's vehicles have them. When weather is poor, and visibility is low, foglights play a critical role in safely navigating roads. Traditionally, foglights have been yellow. The choice of this colour is due to a common notion that foglights need to be a colour other than a white in order to minimise the light dispersion caused by the high concentration of water vapour characteristic of foggy weather.

Many types of foglights use halogen bulbs, and burn at much hotter temperatures than traditional incandescent light bulbs. While halogen bulbs burn brighter than their incandescent counterparts, the burnout rate is relatively low. Because a halogen foglight has a tighter beam than what an incandescent foglight can emit, the light from a halogen foglight is more intense. One class of foglights found on today's newer cars are referred to as high-intensity discharge lamps (or HIDs). This type of light uses different minerals, including mercury, sodium, and halide to produce intense light. The light from an HID has a purple-coloured hue, rather than the traditional yellow colour.

Front Foglights

Foglights on the front of vehicles generate a wide, bar-shaped beam that is sharply cut off at the top. Front foglights are generally aimed and mounted low for optimal effect. These foglights may have white, yellow, or purple light depending upon the type of foglight assembly. Foglights are intended to be used at low speeds to increase the amount of light available to be directed towards the road and verges when the weather is foggy or visibility is poor. These conditions generally occur due to rain, fog, dust, or snow. Using foglights when visibility is normal may be prohibited by law. Although in many countries, weather conditions rarely necessitate the use of foglights, drivers install them on their cars simply for aesthetic purposes.

Rear Foglights

In Europe, and other countries that follow UN Regulation 48 (R48), all vehicles must be equipped with rear foglights (or fog tail lights). Should visibility degrade, the driver can switch on the rear foglight assemblies. With the foglights switched on, the car is more visible to following cars. Most jurisdictions allow rear foglights to be installed either singly or in pairs. The positioning of a single rear foglight can vary from country to country. This is because most jurisdictions require that a single foglight assembly be installed at the centreline or to the driver's side of the centreline, and driver's side foglights can either be on the left or the right. To safeguard against drivers in following cars confusing foglights with brake lights, UN R48 mandates a space of 10 cm between the brake light and the single rear foglight assembly.

Laws and Foglights

Not all foglights are approved for public road use. A buyer should be sure to check for any laws that regulate the number and intensity of foglights. Foglights should be wired so that they only work with headlights in the low-beam mode. Additional information is available from automotive accessory shops and lighting manufacturers, making it easy for anyone to research this information before buying foglight assemblies.

It is not uncommon to be blinded by the lights from oncoming vehicles due to misaligned headlights or auxiliary lighting that is too powerful for public streets. Fortunately, foglights use replaceable halogen bulbs which can be swapped out so that the driver can install a more powerful bulb when needed, and less powerful bulbs for when driving in the city.

How to Search for Foglight Assemblies on eBay

To start the search for foglights on eBay, the buyer simply types relevant keywords into the search bar at the top of eBay's home page, or any page on eBay. For example, if the buyer starts with a general search phrase like 'foglights assemblies', any current listings that include those keywords are displayed on the results page. Off such a generic search phrase, the number of relevant results add up to be in the thousands.

Narrowing down the search, means simply selecting the appropriate search filters on the results page. One simply selects the search filters related to placement on the car, make and model of the vehicle, and the condition (new or used).

Using eBay's Various Search Filters

Buyers can filter results by the type of foglight, the model of the car the foglight assembly is intended for, and the part manufacturer. Additionally, buyers can search by type of seller. For instance, the filter for Top-Rated Sellers is available to sort listings based on the seller's reputation on eBay.

Make and Model of Car

It is important to have information on the make and model of the car. This is because most of the foglight assemblies listed on eBay are categorised according to the cars the foglights are designed to fit. This filter allows the buyer to choose from every type of vehicle make and model as well as the different types of foglights. This ensures that the buyer only sees listings for foglights assemblies that are compatible with the buyer's make and model of car. If the buyer's car is not listed as an option, the buyer should consult the owner's manual, or contact a local car dealership.


eBay also allows the user to search for car foglights in any given price range by using the price filter on the results page. With this option, the buyer can specify to see only those listings that fall within the buyer's budget. This filter makes it easier to shop as it significantly reduces the number of listings the buyer has to sort through.


After an initial search for foglights, the results can be filtered based on the condition of the foglights. For instance, buyers can choose such options as new or used. Ideally, the buyer should go for the best new foglight assembly that he can afford. However, many used foglights are in good condition. The buyer just needs to be sure to check any photos and look for any signs of damage or corrosion. The buyer also needs to look out for non-functioning lights being sold just for parts.


To avoid costly shipping fees, a buyer should consider looking for listings posted by local sellers. If the seller is within a reasonable distance from the buyer's location, it is likely that the buyer can simply pick up the item rather than pay for shipping charges. To specify a search radius, the buyer first enters their postcode on the results page and then a search radius in terms of miles from the user's postcode.

Part Manufacturer

Because foglights are available in a variety of styles and from different manufacturers, eBay has filters that allow the user to sort listings based on the manufacturer. This allows the buyer to choose foglights made by a specific company, and for specific cars.

eBay Top-Rated Seller

A Top-Rated Seller is an eBay seller that has and continues to rate highly in terms of customer service and the quality of items the seller lists. Top-Rated Sellers are also considered quite knowledgeable about what they sell. eBay allows the buyer to sort listings based on the seller's status, such that only listings by Top-rated Sellers appear on the results page. If the buyer has any questions for the seller, the buyer can contact the seller through the seller's profile page.


To buy a foglight assembly for any make or model of car, first learn as much as possible about foglights. Determine whether there are any specific laws that prohibit the use of foglights in any given circumstances, and find out how to install foglights properly to comply with those laws.

eBay's search platform is easy to use. The best way to search the site for foglight assemblies is to start with a generic search query and then employ a series of search filters to hone the search. The first search filter relates to the make and model of car. Sorting the listings based on the make and model of car ensures that only listings for foglights that are compatible with a particular car appear on the results page. There is also the manufacturer to consider and whether to buy a new or used foglight assembly.

eBay helps take a lot of the guesswork out of searching for the right foglight for your car by categorising the listings according to compatibility, condition, and part manufacturer.

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