A FREE LAPTOP or iPhone ... Too good to be true?

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That is what most people think when they read a headline like that, but there are websites out there offering exactly that. Once a sceptic myself I did my research and signed up to one of the more reputable sites, aiming for only a small ipod shuffle as a gift. I spent no money on the site, and was surprised myself when my ipod arrived a few weeks later! Since then I've been regularly receiving 'freebies' myself, from ipods up to MacBooks. For those in the know these sites are highly lucrative!

So what do you have to do?

1. Sign up to a reputable website ( http://apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk/11454)

2. Complete an offer on the website. This should be one you're interested in yourself so you can be sure you have nothing to lose! Some are free and some cost a matter of a few quid, but all are with reputable well known companies such as LoveFilm or Coral etc.

3. Get a few friends to sign up as well. Not too hard if they're interested in a free trial of DVD rental too!

4: That's it! Within a couple of weeks you'll have your gift in hand and wonder why you were ever skeptical.

How can this be possible, how can the site afford to send out gifts like this?

The website get paid for the offer you complete. Usually in the region of £20-30 for each person that signs up. They simply add this up, take a percentage as profit, and use the rest to pay for your gift! It really is as simple as that, and if you don't believe the concept works, watch this BBC Newsnight video discussing it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CGuF3GXsI0

So that's it!

If you have any questions I'm willing to answer them, but sign up using the following link and soon you'll be getting endless freebies too!

And if you're still not sure, why not go for an ipod shuffle first like I did? You only need two referrals from friends or family, and it doesn't cost you a penny!


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