A GUIDE TO CONSOLES ON EBAY! !!!!!!!!!READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like if this guide is helpful
For all you console go-ers out there new or experienced, this will help you if you intend to buy a console off ebay or another online auction.

HI guys,
     i have had some really bad experiences on ebay when buying consoles and their games so i  wrote this guide to help you with your purchases on ebay.

  1. firstly look at the listing you are interested in>.>>>>>>
  2. read ALL of the information given even the small print at the bottom ( could catch you out with some no returns jargon)
  3. check the postage cost and how it will be delivered (RECORDED COURIOR I WOULD SUGGEST)
  4. now we are ready to find out more informaion
now here are the things you NEED to know before you buy

  1. condition (NEW OR USED)
  2. whether or not power cables an video cables are included
  3. The format of the console is very important as america and europe use DIFFERENT formats. If you are in USA you need NTSC, Europe PAL standard
  4. the history of condition (EG the red ring of death on the xbox 360) can be refferred to as (RROD) or the yellow light on the ps3
  5. if the console is being sold as faulty ( it does not always say????)
  6. and finally check the seller ( feedback not just positive written aswell for the full 12 months)

to recieve all this information email the seller and ask for it. They must give truthful information or they are breaking ebays listing policy for ITEM NOT AS DESCRIBED.

this guide should help you

please leave comments in my guest box  (wonderwall_59)

OR alternitively email me using ebay for some help.

good luck

please note I am not responsible for sellers giving untrue or void information and you cannot press charges on paypal or ebay for this guide not being true.
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