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I f you are reading this then like me you are steadily developing an obsession with all things poker.

At present Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game and if you are hoping to improve your game then reading up on the game is just as essential as playing the game.

if you are confused as to which books can help you and which can't then read on and I am sure I can help you.

the first book you will need to read is:

Doyle Brunsons Supersystem one-

This is the granddaddy of all poker books and as you may have guessed it was written by the godfather of poker namely Doyle Brunson(we're not worthy, we're not worthy, ahem,sorry about that) This book is ideal for intermediate players and its main focus is Texas Hold'em. The book will enable you to see the correct way to play a variety of hands and the betting that should be made. Doyle also goes through the rules of establishing what is a good starting hand in poker and what isn't as well as enabling you to analyse the style of poker that your opponents are playing and how best to play against these opponents. This book has to be bought!!! if you are in any way serious about poker.

RATING 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!.

Padraig Harrington-Guide to Texas Hold'em.

Regarded as one of the best tournament players around, Padraigs' series of books on Texas Hold'em easily rank as one of the best around. Like Doyles book there is a lot of hand analysis and again Padraig guides you through the best way to neutralise the various types of opponents that you meet at a poker table. Again this book is for those with some experience of playing Hold'em and each book rises in complexity so I feel that they are best read in order of release. The downside is that Padraig is renowned as a very conservative player and his book reflects this style of play., although any type of player is bound to improve their game by reading this book.

RATING 8/10.


Like Rounders this book is not about how to play poker in the strictest sense, but it does chart the day to day slog that all rounders must endure in order to make a living at cards. At times funny and at times sad, this book is very readable and who knows it may help you at the table!!!!!.

RATING 8/10.

Mike Caro- BOOK OF Poker Tells.

This book is definately heavy duty and is intended for those who are moving beyond the intermediate level of poker play. Mike attempts to analyse the body language of players and how this can be used to help you decide what type of hand they are playing. Although written some time ago this book is very relevant to to-days poker game, but be warned it is very intense and requires a lot of reading and re-reading!!!!.

RATING 7/10.

So these are the boks that I recommend, and just to help you out more my last pieces of advice are:

Never buy a book by Phil Hellmuth as you not learn anything. As we all know Phil has a big ego and his books reflect this and little else.

Never buy poker e-books as most of them are crap(i speak form experience) unless they are by any of the authors mentioned above.

If dvd's are your thing try buying any of the WSOP ones and at the moment my favourite is the HIGH STAKES POKER series which in my opinion is the best poker show on TV!!!.

If I have helped you please tick the useful help box at the bottom as this will help in my overall rating!!!

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