A Gamers Guide to the Resistance Series

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A Gamers Guide to the Resistance Series

Insomniac Games created the Resistance series and the company released the first game in 2006 for PlayStation 3. A science fiction-horror, first person shooter game series set in an alternative history in the mid-twentieth century, the game features Nathan Hale, along with the Human Resistance Forces, taking on an alien-like invasion of Britain.

Story Background

By the year 1949, an alien race called the Chimera has spread throughout Europe. Beginning in Russia, the creatures have infect humans with a virus that helps them to propagate by turning the humans into Chimeran half-breeds. The rapid infection overwhelmed the continent and the EU falls like dominoes.


Game Play

The game play begins with the gamer playing Sgt. Nathan Hale who is travelling to Britain for a weapon that may be effective against the Chimeran wave. After their landing in York, the Chimera ambush Hale and his forces, and a Chimeran spire wipes unleashes the insect-like creatures, thereby infecting all the remaining forces and wiping them out. Although Sgt. Hale is infected, he manages to resist the coma that follows infection and instead develops enhanced skills and body strength, much like the enemy. Hale resists teaming with other fighters in a quest to end the alien invasion and restore earth to her people.



Some weapons in the game are native to the 1950s, while some harken back to futuristic ideas of the 1950s, and others are fantastic and quite original. Players know the developer, Insomniac Games, for its imaginative rendering of game weapons such as those found in the Ratchet and Clank series. Each weapon brings a new element to the game. For example, the game features grenades capable of creating dome shaped barriers where the players can hide. The game features melee attacks and motion sensing features used for a number of things, including shaking off tags and flames and bringing up maps and leaderboards in a multiplayer match. Players also have access to turrets and a jeep with a gun turret on certain levels. With multiple weapons, hidden clues, and a complex storyline that requires concentration, the Resistance series keeps players interested.

Winning the Game

In order to win the game, the player must progress through a number of levels and obtain weapons through complicated manoeuvers. Each level includes rewards and blocks, both enticing the player to continue and encouraging quick thinking. As the game and series progresses, the storyline becomes more complicated with new players, both friends and foes, entering the play. Each new character changes the action, presenting puzzles to solve, while allowing players to discover important.

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