A General Guide to FREE Advertising

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Are you looking for ways to get your business noticed, by potential customers? Do you want to save money, while spreading the word about your product or service? If, so there are many free advertising services for small business owners. Only hard work and lots of advertising can attract new customers, who may need your product. Always look for creative and unique ways to advertise your product or service, which will allow your business to stand out.

Public Partnerships

Start planning your grand opening early and write a press release about your special day. You can serve food and refreshments, while using a simple promotion to attract people. For example, try collaborating with your city's authorities and offer to give out child identification kits to your new customers. These types of promotions can benefit your business, as well as promoting the community's safety.

Attracting Customers

Ask your employees, friends, and satisfied customers to help you get the word out, but thank them with generous discounts. Create your own fliers and business cards, in order to save money and reach more people. Futhermore, leave these advertisements in public places and they will attract potential customer's attention. However, first study and memorize the local advertising laws, so you can avoid breaking them.

Internet Marketing

In addition, you can use your personal computer to advertise on the internet and its several thousand communties. Social networking websites are perfect for advertising your product or services, but you need to follow the community's rules. Next, look into using a free email and website to promote your business or services. Additionally, you can use email marketing to reach people, who can become potential customers.

Meeting New People

Remember, in order to get your business noticed, you will need to use every means of advertising that you can locate. Everyday, you pass potential customers on your way to work, whether you are in a car or on public transportation. Take time to meet new people or demonstrate your product, in order to attract a potential customer's attention. However, do not be pushy or annoying when passing out information, because you will scare off potential customers.


Always look for new ways to advertise your businesses products or services. Begin learning all about the different venues that are available to new business owners. Next, use these different markets to self-advertise, in order to attract new customers. Soon, they will tell their friends and our business will continue to grow. Therefore, with a little creativeness and some hard work, you will have no problem attracting new customers.
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