A Gentleman’s Guide to Chinos

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The classic and timeless design of chinos has never truly gone out of fashion. In fact, they are very much still one of the most popular items of menswear available on the market. So, what is so special about these peculiar trousers?


All About Chinos
The Birth of Chinos
Men’s, Women’s, Boy’s and Girl’s wear
Dressing for different occasions
Chinos Brand Wear

The Birth of Chinos


Like many pieces of clothing, Chinos have been around since the war. It was in the 1840’s when the khaki colour was discovered as we know it. British soldiers were fighting in Punjab and it didn’t go unnoticed that their outfits could be easily spotted. In order to blend in, they dyed the clothes a ‘khaki’ colour.

Their popularity was boosted once again throughout the first and second world wars. Returning soldiers wore their khaki uniforms to universities and the trend soon caught on.

The style of Chinos appealed to both the rich who enjoyed wearing the outfits in their leisure time, and to young groups who wore them loose as a sign of rebellion. These days you’ll find chinos in a whole range of colours and styles; cuffed chinos being a popular style. They are extremely versatile and can be worn all year round.

Men’s, Women’s, Boy’s and Girl’s wear


When it comes to shopping for the perfect pair of chinos, you’ll find there’s a really long list of styles and designs of them available. Over the years they have also managed to burst onto the women’s wear market and the children’s market.

Men’s Chinos Wear
An everlasting classic, the chinos are still a viable choice in a man’s wardrobe, despite the fact that the first pair of chinos was worn well over a century ago. You can opt in for a casual pair with a comfortable fit, a trendy skinny fit, formal attire and even a short pair of chinos for the summer time.

Make sure though, particularly when buying chinos online, that the size is correct. While there is nothing wrong with a men’s pair sized 34 for a size 32 leg, chances are that it won’t look great the other way round.

Women’s Chinos Wear

It took some time for women’s chinos to get a hold on the market, but today chinos are featured throughout well known brands and designers. Whether it’s a slim fit to underline your curves or more of a relaxed cut with a wide leg – the market serves any gusto.

Children’s Chinos Wear

Parents choose to make a decision in favour of the chinos for their children due to the remarkable durability and the fact that the material is easy to clean.

Chinos Material

Another thing you should look into is the material used to create the chinos. Traditional chinos are created with cotton. However, the ones you find today can be made with a variety of materials. Manufacturers have come up with various designs that help to make the chinos breathable. If you’re looking for the cheapest chinos then you should look out for synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon.

Dressing for different occasions

While chinos are considered more a casual attire, they can be worn for a number of occasions. From skinny fit to three quarter chinos – here are some tips for you to decide on the fitting options.

¾ Chinos

The three quarter length variations are ideal for spring and summer months. Mainly worn by women, this style suits men and kids as well. They look best with a casual t-shirt or hoodie in the colder weather. The most popular style of three quarter chinos does come in a khaki colour.

Boot Cut Chinos

If you’re looking for a more formal style, opt for the boot cut chinos which offer a commonly accepted design and a long leg.

Darker colours tend to be the better choice for formal wear. Black and navy blue chinos will go with most occasions. You can wear them with brogues and a shirt for the ultimate formal and fashionable outfit.

Casual Fit Chinos

If you’re looking for a casual style, opt for the looser, long chinos. This convenient pair you can wear all day without even noticing a slight sign of discomfort. Again, these mainly come in black and blue colours, but you can find them in brighter, bolder colours too.

Skinny Fit Chinos

If you want the biggest choice of colours and styles, you need to buy skinny fit, which is an ongoing trend in men’s chinos fashion. These hang very close to the leg and offer a ‘skin tight’ look that let’s face it, not all of us can pull off! There are many different designs of skinny fit chinos available.

Chinos Brand Wear


You can find chinos from all the top brands such as TopMan, French Connection and Dockers. It’s worth having a pair of well manufactured ones that will stand the test of time and look good while doing it. Why not invest in a couple of pairs so you have some for formal wear and some for more casual occasions?

Overall when shopping for the right pair of chinos it’s advised that you take your time. These classic style trousers will never go out of fashion. Therefore you know when you buy a pair they will be a staple in your wardrobe for a number of years.  

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