A Gifting Guide.

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Ever been crazily enthused by a beautifully wrapped present only to
a) Realise it wasn’t yours to begin with.
b) Be let down at the last moment by the contents in the packaging.
Chances are a) is probably only me. And b) is most of us. I’ve been both behind and on the receiving end of some of these terrible present choices to the detriment of those around. One of these was a canary-yellow silk scarf for my then 17 year old friend, who happened to be dark haired and pale-skinned,  this was over the winter term up north.
Three things: canary-yellow is not an easy one to pull off, said friend never wore navy to blend around such a hue, and she was not in the habit of tying that famous air-hostess knot on her scarfs.
Over the years I have however hit successful homeruns on the gifting process, by sticking to one easy to replicate trick.  Which is what I share here and will begin a series of ebay collections around. Hopefully you’ll find some of the answers through my weekly collections, and occassional information sharing on gifting for the many birthdays, anniversarys and joyous celebrations to come your way this 2015.
Let’s note that there are a million ways to do any one thing and do it well, however how I get my gifts right boils down to an obsessive compulsive level of organisation I have. My OCD forces me to plan my presents around a theme. From this theme, it becomes easy to draw up a few items fitting into a theme and then finally to revisiting a theme that’s worked for similar and like personalities.

To make things clearer, I have drawn up about five of my preferred themes and the sort of personality and interests that these might pair well with .
For a Sweet Mother –
Busy, Organised, Resourceful.
Buys that make the demands of motherhood easier.
Leather bound notepads, Ornately detailed candles, Luxury skincare.
For a Culture Critic –
In the know, Conversationalist, Entertaining.
Buys that provide a new lesson area. Or enhance entertainment needs.
Wine tasting class, Cheese tasting board, Luxury Chess set, Recipe books on the exotic
For a Beauty Fanatic –
OnTrend, Polished appearance
Buys that don’t try to compete but add polish to their purchases.
Nail Polishes, Beauty expert tutorials, Make-Up brushes, Make-Up cleansers.
For the Outdoorsy – (immediate environment)
Active, Loves walking the dogs,
Buys that add accent to their preferred outdoor looks.
Matching hat, scarf and gloves in faux fur or mohair, Thermals
For the Outdoorsy – (travel)
Free spirited, Soul-Seeking
Buys that prepare them for the next trip.
Luxury notepad, Travel cases: camera holder, passport holder, in-flight essentials holder

There is plenty more ofcourse. But you get the drift.
As a final note, a useful precautionary measure to take incase if all else fails, is to make sure your gift packaging truly speaks volumes. The more personally handcrafted the better. And just in time for Valentine’s day,  I will leave you with the inspiring goodies on Chatelaine .com including their “The Secret to Tying the Perfect Bow Just In Time For Valentines Day” post which Ebay will not allow a direct link to.
Check back for our collections and products linked back to the themes mentioned in this guide.

All my sweet nothings are copyright protected © . So share them, Don’t steal them.
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