A Girls Guide to Buying Peep Toe Heels

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A Girl's Guide to Buying Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels typically come in the shape of casual court shoes suitable for work or fancier stilettos for evenings out. Compared to other open-toed shoes, such as sandals, the opening at the toe is smaller. Therefore, peep toe heels only reveal a small part of the toes, allowing a slight peek at them. Peep toe heels can be sexy, bordering between formal and fun. Classy and chic, they still show a little bit of skin. They generally have a closed back that secures feet in place, while the peep toe allows the feet to breathe. This might be helpful on especially warm days.

Finding the right shoe is important because they contribute to looking and feeling good. When wearing the wrong shoes, it is not only the feet that are unhappy. Peep toe heels can be found in high street bricks and mortar shoe shops, but as an online store, eBay has thousands of models to choose from. Before purchasing it is wise to read descriptions about peep toe heels in order to familiarise oneself with their main features.

Main Features of Peep Toe Heels

As peep toe heels are a type of court shoe, they are made of a single cut of leather or other material on the outside and a single cut lining, made of either cloth or leather, on the inside. They are usually easy to slip on because they are not tied or strapped in any way. However, some models may have fancy ankle straps. The height of the heel and the gradation of the incline varies as well.

Materials Used for Peep Toe Heels

Many peep toe heels are made of leather, which offers quality. Moreover, leather shoes can be stretched, to some degree, to best fit the foot. Leatherette, imitation leather is essentially a fabric that looks like leather, and is another common material used to make peep toe heels. Leather and leatherette peep toe heels look more casual, as do peep toes made of suede, which is leather with a velvety nap. For fancier occasions, patent leather heels will impress. Patent leather is dyed leather that has been processed to give it a hard, glossy surface. Satin peep toe heels, made of glossy fabric, are also suitable for formal wear, for example, at a wedding. Lace and silk peep toes create an even more elegant feel, while sparkly glitter is probably the most eye-catching material.

The Height of the Heel

Peep toe heels can make the wearer many centimetres taller. The heel selection starts with low kitten heels and goes up to slender, dagger-like stilettos. The choice of the height largely depends on the wearer and the occasion. For everyday wear, lower heels are more comfortable, especially when the shoes are worn for long hours. Parties and nights out, however, call for stiletto heels that give the ultimate sexy look.

The Gradation of the Slope

The gradation of the slope on the peep toe heels corresponds with the heel height. The taller the heel, the steeper the slope and the more pressure the foot has to endure. Low-heeled peep toe shoes, on the other hand, have a more gradual slope. Some models also have a platform under the foremost part of the foot and this allows for high heels with less pressure on the ball of the foot. The steeper the slope, the more likely that the foot will slip forward. Inserts put into the peep toe heels can help to prevent slipping and they also provide some cushioning. Using shoe halters is yet another option as these have an adhesive that can be stuck under the ball of the foot. Halters keep the feet from moving by pressing against the ball of each foot. For girls who require extra support, full arch support inserts increase the comfort of the shoe and prevent the foot from sliding forwards.

Finding Peep Toe Heels for Any Occasion

With such a wide variety to choose from, high street shoe shops and online auction sites, such as eBay, provide peep toe heels for every occasion and style. Making the right decision about which shoe to buy takes some careful consideration. Peep toe heels vary in colour, material, heel height, cut, size, and ornate details. Considering where they will be worn should also be done before making the decision.

Peep Toe Heels for Any Season

Previously, peep toe heels were thought to be more of a summer shoe because the toes are exposed and they may get cold in the winter. Current fashion rules are less strict and allow women to wear peep toe heels with tights, which makes them suitable for colder months. On milder autumn days, peep toe heels do well even without tights. Almost any peep toe heel model can be worn in all seasons. The only limitations are the colours of the clothes that should match the shoes, and the materials. Suede peep toes and other delicate materials, such as silk and satin, should be kept away from heavy rainfall. Leather is often treated and can therefore endure water.

The Right Size

Even more than for clothing, shoes should have the right size to fit comfortably. While a dress that is too tight may simply look a bit unsightly, tight shoes cause blisters and other foot problems. Smaller shoes may look tempting because they make the feet look cute and petite, but they can be harmful. Sometimes when shoes are bought in the morning, they turn out to be too small because feet naturally swell during the day. This is the main reason why shoes should be tried on in the afternoon or later in the day. However, as shoes can be stretched, to some degree, this problem may be solvable. For this, one should spray the shoes with stretching spray and then put stretchers inside the shoes. Another option is putting the shoes in the freezer, where sealable plastic bags filled with water freeze and expand in the shoes. A cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol also helps to expand the shoes. After the rubbing is complete, the peep toe heels should be put on. After about fifteen minutes of walking around, the shoes should have stretched.

The Size of the Peep Toe Hole

The bigger the peep toe hole, the more air gets into the shoe. This also means that it is colder during the autumn and winter months. Bigger peep toe holes are beneficial when the shoes are mostly worn indoors or during warm months because they contribute to air movement and reduce sweating. However, if the second toe is for some reason longer than the big toe, a smaller hole that only shows one toe promotes a stylish look and covers flaws.

Matching the Peep Toe Heels with the Clothing

Thanks to their wide variety, peep toe heels can be worn with any clothes. When opting for a more conservative look, for example, at work, then simple, leather peep toes with neutral colours are the best choice. Weddings, cocktail parties, and other formal events require fancier heels, either with sparkly glitter, satin, or silk. Patent leather spices up any party or night out, while nude-coloured peep toes work wonders with shorts and rompers.

Buying Peep Toe Heels from eBay

High street shoe shops may have some peep toe heels available on their shelves in the warmer months, but they usually disappear from their collections once the weather gets colder and the boot season begins. However, some fashionistas still want to wear the sexy peep toes throughout the year because, paired with opaque tights, the feet do not get too chilly in the winter. If you are looking into buying peep toe heels, then you can always browse auction listings on eBay as there is always something on offer. You can start searching by typing your query, such as "heels" and "peep toes", straight into the search box. If there are still too many beautiful shoes to choose from, narrow your choice down by deciding upon the colour, heel height, material, price, condition, or all of them at once.

As it is vital that your peep toe heels fit you perfectly in order to avoid any harm, you can contact the seller to find out if it would be possible to exchange or return the shoes if they do not fit. If you discuss this early on, then you can avoid any disappointment later.


Peep toe heels are a very feminine choice when it comes to footwear and they can be worn almost anywhere, all year round. Peep toe heels are a further development from casual court shoes that are often seen in offices, but they are more stylish because they offer a peek of the toe, making peep toe heels a perfect way to show off a perfect manicure. Equipped with ornate details or decorated with glitter, they are sure to dazzle at parties. For more conservative tastes, there are many simple leather peep toes that still give the toes a bit more freedom than closed shoes. The peep toe design supports good airflow and prevents the feet from excess perspiration. In the modern world, the fashion rules do not prohibit wearing the peep toe heels with tights or stockings and therefore they can be worn even into the cold winter days.

Before buying, women should consider where they want to wear them because this largely dictates the exact style. It is also wise to check whether the shoes can be returned if they are not a perfect fit. Finding the perfect pair of peep toe heels can be fun as there are so many models available on eBay.

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