A Good Guide To Web Design

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A Good Guide To Effective Web Design

By Ben Little.

As A Graphic Designer the first principal I always go by is Inspiration, and tonnes of it. I believe that many other designers do possess alot of creativity amongst their work, but in order to first base a rough sketch, a slight idea, they would've seen another website which they though "Wow".

There are many types of Websites which are attractive,effective and accessible but as a Designer the main issue you will encounter is your target audience and to whether you require E-Commerce or a personal site.

For an E-commerce your main issue will be how accessible and professionally presentable your website will need to be in order to attract the biggest amount of customers. This can be done by two Principals:

  • Spacious
  • Attractivness.
To be honest If you really cant be bothered Brain Storming all the designs, designing all of the pages and then implementing them into a website you can always buy an E-Commerce script, some paid, some free. This will save you alot of time and will give you a head start into selling your products securely and promptly.

For Your own personal site, I believe you need to give it a touch of what relates to you, I.E your favourite colour? If you love contrasts? Anything really that will give your site the edge.

I hope this guide as been worth while and there will be many more Web Design, E-commerce and Programming guides coming soon.

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