A Grand Day out at Chester Zoo

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Looking for something to do?  Well Chester Zoo is open all year round except Christmas Day,

Not necessarily something to do just in summer, in my Christmas break in years past when I wanted to escape the crowd I would go and visit the zoo.

By strategically planning the Jaeger House and Reptile House, at mid morning and afternoon, and lunch indoors, it is possible to have a great day out, as long as you are well wrapped up.

Chester Zoo has a magnificient Elephant Pen- which they are currently updating, and a seal show, penguin feeding and the largest Bat Cave in Europe.

The highlight of a Day at Chester Zoo has to be the bats for me, and no - they do not get stuck in your hair!  There is a small tunnel half way around which has a low ceiling, if you stand very very still in there you will feel them swoosh past you - which is wonderful, and a good way to teach people not to be frightened of them - whatever you do - do not feed them, they have a very specialist diet.

Prices and a map are available on Chester Zoo's website, and at certain Tourist Information Points you can purchase cheaper tickets, (even at Cheshire Oaks!) making this a very memorable and affordable day out - remember flat shoes tho!

Hope you enjoy the Zoo as much as I do

Suz xx

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