A Guide To Buying Gold

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                                                                                 Gold Jewellery


Gold jewellery is one of the oldest forms of jewellery known to man dating back to around 3000 BC. Its beautiful yellow colour  attracts people from all over the world, and just about every walks of life ranging from trible worriors in distant places, to the elegant city slickers of new york in the USA.

It was the Egyptians who first used gold extensively in all sorts of items from jewellery to sculptures, cups, containers and personal items.

 Carat Values

As most people are aware gold is measured in the purity  ct  or carats. Pure gold is 24ct, but 24ct gold if far too soft for everyday use in jewellery making so it is mixed with other metals and alloys to make it harder. The more alloys that are added the lower the carat but the harder wareing the jewellery will be......Below i will expain the carat and mix of gold and alloys.

 9ct gold

 9ct gold is 37.5% pure and is mixed with 62.5%  of alloy. This makes it  very hard wareing for evrey day use and is the most popular type of gold jewellery sold in the United kingdom.

14ct gold

14ct gold jewellery is 58.5 pure and is mixed and 41.5% of alloy this makes the gold a little softer than 9ct so has a higher price value and is the most popular grade of jewellery sold worlwide.

18ct gold

18ct gold jewellery is 75% pure and is mixed with 25% alloys 18ct gold only has a slightly higer price than 14ct gold jewellery. Most premium style jewellery is made in 18ct gold and is most popular in Europe.

22-24ct gold

22 and 24 gold jewellery is the finest jewellery of all containing around 99% pure gold so makes this a very soft gold but has a richer gold colour and is most expensive to buy..This type of jewellery in normaly made to order buy the rich and famous

Tips On Buying Gold on-line

One of the first thing to look for when buying gold is the carrat value as described above. I will now pass on some tips for you to look at for each type of jewellery.

 Bracelets and Chains

Alaways check the weight of the bracelet as what may seem a bargain, may not be. The cheaper bracelet may be lighter in gold content or the clasp may be a cheaper type for example see below.


                                        Bracelet One  around £80.00                                       Bracelet Two around £55.00

These two may  look the same  apart from the exposer colour both are 7.5" long ,but bracelet one weighs 5.5grams and has a quality fastener commonly known has a lobster claw.

Bracelet two weighs 4.8grams and has a cheaper style of fastener so explains why one is cheaper than the other.

 When quickly looking through hundreds of listings it can be easy to miss the obvious so take your time and make sure you read all the listing and its measurements, if in doubt send the seller a message.

pendants, crosses and charms

The first thing to always check with these pieces of jewellery is make sure the items are solid gold and not plated. rolled or polished gold. always check the weight of the items as this will greatly make a differance in the price.

Look very closely at the detail of the products as the more expensive items will have finer detail and look far more expensive when seen by the naked eye. Also see if items are described as hollow or solid in the listing as this will influance the price.


Rings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so its always inportant to take your time to find what you realy want. It may seem obvious but one of the biggest mistakes with buying rings on-line is to buy a ring of the wrong size, this is normaly done in a rush to buy what may seem at first to be a bargain, only to find when the ring arrives that you failed to check the ring size you ordered.

A lot can influance the price of a ring this could be gold purity, 9ct,14ct,18ct or if the ring is made of white or yellow gold.

The thickness of the rings mount can greatlly value a rings price. Some of the cheaper rings have a  thinner wall so can make them prone to bending or warping over a period of time.

Always read the listing carefully and make sure the ring is high quality gold and not plated.

If buying a diamond ring PLEASE make sure you are buying a genuine diamond ring. There are some sellers and website selling created diamond rings which at first would seem to be a bargain but after taking the ring for a value at the local jeweller you are likley to be told its worthless.

Most genuine diamond rings will have a certificate of authenticity with them so again check the listing to see if the seller have one available with the item.

I could write a book about buying diamond jewelley there is so much to cover on this subject. Any diamond jewellery comming from china has to be treated with caution full stop......Even I have been caught out by these little men. most of the diamonds comming from china are fake  and so is the so-called 18ct gold mounts and rings. They are even stamped to make you think they are real...yet you can still find them for sale on ebay, and to add insult to it all you are likely to be charged a inport fee with the customs and excise, this fee alone with  more than the jewellery itself, as the fake diamond ring ect will only be worth pennys. In short I would like to help buyers, by saying  avoid any diamond or gold jewellery from china as it is most likley to be fake.

I realy hope you have found this guide helpful in your purchase of some beautiful jewellery, if so please leave me a vote ,or if you would like me to answer any questions please feel free to leave me a meassage.

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