A Guide To Buying Replacement Dinnerware

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This Guide is Designed to help you in your search for replacing that lost Plate, Cup, salad Plate, Mug ect, that you have been meaning to do for so many years but did not know where to begin!!

From Time to Time it becomes Necessary to withdraw China patterns from production due to lack of sufficient support or fashions changes in the market, it could also be due to a company who have ceased trading . This is unfortunate and can be very frustrating especially where patterns have been in the range for so long and you thought it would be made forever, this is where a china replacement company or a china seller can help you in your quest to find your missing pieces replace or simply top up your dinner service.

Here are a few Tips that may help you when trying to match your China whether through a Replacement company or here on Ebay.....

When Buying items, remember most pieces would have been used, therefore always ask the seller of the item that you require how used it has been, will it fit in with the amount of use your items have had, have the items for sale been used on only high days and holidays or for everyday use, in some cases it may have been dishwashed and the glaze would therefore not be as high as when new, some patterns fade with age if it has been used a lot or displayed in a cabinet near light.

If you are at all in doubt always ask you seller for sizes , Colours , Shapes, ie Imperial sizes to Metric may have been changed if the pattern was made for many years.

Handpainted items will always vary in colour please take this into account when matching your patterns. Denby is a fine example of handpainted items, no two pieces are ever the same.

Backstamps can also vary through the years if it has been a popular patterns and the company has changed its backstamp design, you may want all your backstamps to match?

Some items may be marked of second quality due to slight imperfections in the potting or firing ,I personally mix first and seconds together with my dinner service ,but some customers do not like to. Always ask to be sure it may save you money in the long run, A good china dealer / Seller will always help you as much as possible.

If buying from a seller on ebay always check feedback for packing skills or email before hand and ask how thier packing skills are ? It also depends on what they use to pack their china with ,I use packing peanuts along with plenty of bubble Wrap and a strong boxes to ensure a safe journey, There is nothing worse than buying a  piece of china to have it not arrive in one piece but several pieces.

Remember ask if in doubt you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Good Luck and have a Smashing time looking for that missing piece!!

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