A Guide To Buying Ritual and Spell Oils

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A Guide To Buying Ritual and Spell Oils

Since a young age i was taught how to blend my own spell and ritual oils, over the years of working in new age stores i have found many of the oils sold to be either factory produces or produced using fragrance oils. Neither lends itself to working magick and casting your spells. Fragrance oils do not contain any of the plant they are made to smell like, they are synthetics and do not have any magickal quilaities what so ever.

Spell/Ritual oils can enhance any magick, using an oil that complements what you are trying to achieve will add extra power and a boost to your spell work. Oils can also be added to herb mix's, to anoint ritual items or add to altar candles and offering mix's.

When looking for oils online or offline there are some important things to watch out for, below is a small list of things to double check before you purchase.

  • Is the oil made with a good mixer eg sweet almond oil
  • Is the oil definately made with essential oils and NOT fragrance oils

Using the point above you will be able to successfully find and purchase your magickal oils. If you are on a budget and cannot afford an oil for every spell you many want to cast why not purchase a Spell, Goddess, Ritual or Success Oil that can be used for many different spells.

If you need help finding oils or cannot find the oils you are looking for then do not hesitate to contact me through my shop

Goddess Enchantments

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