A Guide To Buying Running Shoes

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What To Look Out For....

1) When purchasing your new runners you may wish to consider a breathable mesh upper, Most prefer this this to Leather as it helps your feet to breathe during intense workouts.

2) Check your new runners have the cushioning that you require, in the picture shown here you will notice that these Puma's contain 'IdCell' Cushioning, this is Puma's answer to memory foam and is sure to take the impact out of pounding the concrete! Nike and Adidas have there own equivalant to this and in many minds are just as effective. 
You will find that any cushioning offered across the brands is highlighted close to the sole. If you can not see any sign of this then it is likely that the trainers offer a simple EVA Sole, this is made from millions of tiny air bubbles, the downside of this is that the air will soon compress and the trainers will no longer feel as comfortable. It is important to consider this especially if you suffer from foot or leg pain or equally if you are planning on doing a lot of exercise. 

3) If you are planning on using your trainers indoors then check they offer a non-marking outsole.

4) Most trainers are geared up for the Neutral foot and will offer a modest amount of arch support. If you pronate one way or the other then it might be worth checking with the seller before making your purchase.

We hope you found this guide useful, if you have any questions we would LOVE to hear from you!

All The Best

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