A Guide To Love Spells

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A Guide To Love Spells

This if often the first thing anyone thinks off when you mention the words, Witch, Wicca or Spells. However many people have the wrong idea about love spells. I often receive emails saying "can you get my ex back?" or "can you make the person i have just met fall madly in love with me?". My answer is always NO sorry i can't. Most witch's and people on the wiccan path follow the rede which basically states do what you want but harm none. Taking away another free will, freedom of choice or controlling their thoughts is not something you or anyone else should do.

However love spells can be cast and are very affective when drawing new love into your life!! There are several types of love spell as listed below

- A general attracting new love spell

- A spell cast to attract the right person for you at this time

- A longer spell in the form of a ritual involving specifics e.g must be able to support themselves, open to the fact you have children already etc

All of these spells work well when cast by the person they are intended for. Spells need a personal connection to you to be most effective, by casting a spell for yourself you know what is in the spell, which ingredients are used and have total control over what you are asking for.

When deciding which type of spell to use go for which ever one you are most drawn too, someone is their 20's may just want to attract opportunities to meet suitable men/women whereas someone with children already who wants to settle down again may want to go for a ritual asking for specifics.


This is not an opporunity to make up your ideal partner and start listing

Brown hair

Green eyes


Must adore kittens

If you do so you may miss out on the most wonderful partner all because you were so specific you left no opening for someone with blue eyes or who is 5ft10. There are times when children are involved, financial stability etc when yes you do need to add that into your spell because they are of extreme importance but i do not recommend specifying looks, or must loves (cats,dogs etc) in spells.

For most a simple attract a new love or attract the partner who is right for me now spell is sufficient and very effective. You can use spells from books, buy a spell kit or even get a spell personalised to your circumstances that comes with the supplies. If you have the confidence why not even try writing your own spells.

Points To Remember

- Think carefully before getting someone else to cast your spell (you don not know they will actually cast it, you don't know what the spell is etc)

- Never cast a spell on a specific person. It is wrong to take away their free will, you would never know if they truly did love you and it could backfire terribly)

- Don't be to specific

- Take some time over casting your spell

- When it has worked thank the Goddess you asked for help in the spell

Adding A Bit Extra To Your Love Spell

A good way to add focus to a spell your casting and keep the energy alive and potent after the spell is cast is to have a small altar or space dedicated to the spell itself. This can be a small area in your bedroom for example with a few candles, incense and love attracting crystals. It will also give you a designated space to cast your love spell and burn down any candles you use etc. The altar can then be left up until the spell has done its job and while you are waiting you can light the candles for a little while each day and take a few quick moment to think about your spells. All of this add's extra energy to focus to the spell.

I hope you have found this guide helpful, if you have any questions or need any help with you love spells please do not hesitate to email. You can reach me through my shop

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