A Guide To Retro Games Collecting for Completion.

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First of all Make yourself a Word Document of all the games you need to complete your collection.
Start Off by Buying The Console with as many games as Possible as you will save on Postage costs for the individual Games to Start you off Ensuring the Console is Boxed.
When Choosing The Console Select Option Buy It Now Only & Lowest Price with P&P First Then Scroll down Until You Find One That Meets All Your Requirements Ignoring The Price For Now Add It To Your Watch List.
Now Choose Auction Only & Ending Soonest & Once Again scroll Down(This Might Take Longer) Until You find One That Meets Your Requirements then add it to watch list. Please Note if there's Another One Ending on the Same Day That Also Meets Your Requirements add that to your watch list also.
Right This is where the fun Starts - Place a bid far lower than the price your willing to pay on the one ending soonest then that will invoke all the notifications like item ending soon or outbid etc
Please do not attempt this next step if you have a slow internet connection or your using a mobile device on 3g.
Go on to the item page click on place bid type in your Maximum amount you would be willing to pay, click enter & wait until you see 10 seconds turn to 9 seconds left & confirm bid.
If you do not win it then you have two choices Refer Back to your Buy it now to compare the price of the one you just lost to see if its a good deal or place a bid ( alot lower than your maximum) on the next auction ending soonest that you are watching. If you lose again do not be disheartened jst repeat the process.
Once you have your console now you can start buying you games.:-)
Insuring You Have Made note of the ones you have & which ones that game with the console if any need to be replaced because of condition.
When Buying Your Games only bid on Very Good Condition to Like New or if The Seller States Good Ask why Its Good & Not Very Good Because Believe me there's a Big Difference. Because You Will Have to Add Having the disc cleaned to your overall Price that you can afford unless its Cartridge then Good Is ok. Avoid Acceptable at all costs because basically what the Seller is saying is it works but i have known older games to work on one console & not another if to badly scratched plus bear in mind if the box or manual are to badly damaged then unless you get lucky the only way you will be able to replace it is if you buy the same game again.
I Have done this before & in some circumstances it can save you money  Buy One Game For its Box & Manual & the same game again for its disc then put together the best quality components for your collection. You can now either sell your spare copy as acceptable because some people just want to buy retro games for a trip down memory lane & are not fussy as long as it works.
I Always Recommend the same process for your games as you did for your console But remember P&P Is Not Cheap so Always Better to buy multiple games off the same seller as long as they are willing to do a fair combined postage. Always Best To Message The Seller To Ask how much they would charge for 2,3,4, Games Etc. But be prepaid to know what your talking about even if your not selling. Have a Royal mail Price Guide & Scales & a Ruler or Measuring Tape To Hand. You Will Already have games form your console package to weigh when working out if your getting a fair deal.
Dont be afraid to buy abroad.. Retro Games Are Very popular Everywhere in the world. Ive sold to Australia , USA, Canada, Russia. Ive Sold Alot of Retro Games to Germany, France, Spain & Portugal. There's alot of people in The Scandinavian Countries who Enjoy Retro Gaming who i have done Business with too. But to be honest ive probably sold to every country in the European Union. Like I said its A Worldwide Enthusiasm.
Always Remember this Saying One Piece of Gold Is Better than 5 Pieces of Silver. So If you only have so much to spend in a month on your collection & you come across an ultra rare game then its better you buy that than 5 other games that are more common.
Anyway The Rest is Down to you, Enjoy your collecting & when your done you could even sell it all & start again with another collection. Thats how i started off. As I bought all my First Sega Saturn Collection within the UK but when it came to selling i sold worldwide everything individually listed grouping more common games in bundles.
That reminds me when searching for your games as well as using your key word like saturn or nes , mastersytem snes etc type in bundle or joblot & see if anything comes up. Right ive really got to wrap this up. Good Luck & Happy BIDDING!
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