A Guide To Shade Netting and it's Uses

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Shade Netting


Shade netting, also known as 'Shade Cloth', has a great number of useful applications around the garden and home. The netting is ideal for Green Houses, Aviaries, Protecting Livestock, Indoor Plant and Shrub Nurseries, for Fruit and Vegetable shade covering, Patios, Courtyards, Privacy Screens, Dog Kennels, Ferneries, Caravan Annexes, Barbeque Areas, Carports, used as Windbreak and many other applications. The netting comes in Black or Green in widths of 3ft (.9m), 4ft (1.2m) and 6ft (1.8m) and comes in anything up to 100m lengths (328ft). 


Shade netting is mostly used to provide shading to crops, vegetables and trees, extending the season and therefore providing a better crop and more full harvest. Shade netting's range of benefits make it perfect for use with Green Houses, Polytunnels, Patio Frames and Garden Crop Cages . Shade Netting helps to protect less heat-tolerant crops from the harmful rays of the sun during the hot summer months and helps to keep Green Houses and Polytunnels temperate during Autumn & Spring by reducing the loss of moisture and radiant ground heat. When installing any Shade Netting, staples or cable ties should be used to attach the netting to the frame, a tight fit means that the netting will be better protected from the elements.  

Premier Shade Netting
Our premier  QVS 60% Shade Netting incorporates durable flat tape threads and double lock-stitch tear-proof technology to produce a high grade product. The knitted design allows the fabric to be cut to any length without any damage or adverse effects. The netting has 2cm diametre buttonhole eyelets at 4cm distances running along the top and bottom of the netting, great for use with cable ties, rope and other fixings and blocks out 60% of light. QVS shade netting is chemical resistant to protect against pesticides and detergents and Being UVI treated the netting is more resistant to UV and has a life expectancy of up to 10 years. 

Economy Multi-Purpose Netting
We also provide a  Multi-Purpose netting that can be used to provide a lesser amount of shade (approx 40%) to your crops and plants. This 70gsm netting is an economy solution for a number of garden uses an it's 2mm mesh hole size and UV stabalised design allows it to be useful for  Windbreaking ,   Bird Netting and  Insect Netting

If you have any question regarding our QVS shade netting range or any other products we supply fell free to call 01580754484 and someone will be willing to help. 

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