A Guide To The Types And Usage Of Bird Netting

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With so many types of bird netting on the market it is easy to get confused. This is our short guide to the bird nettings we supply that will hopefully aid you in choosing the correct bird netting for the specific application you have in mind.


The application of bird netting is to build a barrier to stop birds and other wildlife from destroying trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables and newly sown seeds. Also, bird netting is used to stop birds entering buildings such as offices and warehouses where the inevitable bird mess can become a health risk. QVS bird netting is great for gardens, allotments and businesses, and is used by professional and home gardeners alike. Our bird netting and fruit cage netting will give your fruit and vegetables protection from both in flight raids from birds and ground attacks from larger animals.


Frames for bird netting are readily available, coming in different sizes to match your needs. Crop cages are usually fashioned from metal or wood. Alternatively frames can be created at home using DIY materials. We suggest that bird netting be suspended at least 6 inches over seed beds, plants, bushes, vines, etc, that you wish to protect. This suspension will keep the birds from perching on the netting itself giving them the ideal position to beak through and help themselves to lunch. The Netting is typically either stapled tightly to the frame, or, fixed using cable ties and held to the ground using steel pegs. Securing the netting correctly will not only lengthen the life as it is more resistant to harsh weather conditions but will offer better protection for your crops against wildlife as well as plants getting to your plants.

Types of Bird Netting

Basically, there are three different common types of anti bird netting.

1. Extruded netting is made from polypropolene which is a versatile thermoplastic polymer. This is an economical low cost bird netting.

2. Knitted netting is produced from high density polyethelene monofilament, a dense hydro-carbon plastic and is knitted together at manufacture but is knotless. This netting is generally stronger and likely to last longer than the extruded bird netting.

3. Knotted netting is also constucted from high density polyethelene monofilament life and is knotted at manufacture for extra strength and durability. A higher quality netting typically used in larger and commercial applications.

A Choice of Widths, Lengths and Mesh Sizes

From our eBay Shop we offer bird netting with a choice of different size mesh openings (the size of the holes in the net). Be sure to choose the the mesh gauge that is right for your particular application. Choose a mesh size based on the sizes of birds you are trying to keep out. If in doubt we suggest you opt for a mesh size 17mm to 20mm which is the most common mesh sizes for keeping out the majority of birds.

Other Available Netting

Other available netting from QVSshop includes Garden Netting, Pond Netting, Shade Netting, Windbreak Netting, Debris Netting and Insect Netting. For more information, or for help with out products please phone 01580754484 and speak to one of our team about your personal needs.

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