A Guide To Writing Your Own Book Of Shadows

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A Guide To Writing Your Own Book Of Shadows


Choosing A Book Of Shadows

A book of shadows can be anything from a notebook from a supermarket to an expensive commission. Some people love scribbling down recipes, spells etc in what to the rest of us look like a scruffy falling apart notebook while other like to sit for hours drawing, writing and even painting illustrations etc in a £700 leather bound book.

Your book of shadows reflects your personality and who you are, whatever you choose it need to be something you will love to write in and cherish. Although you may share your spells or information in it with others its unlikely many people others than those very close to you will get to see or handle it.

Some people email me saying they cannot have one as they cant afford a really expensive book!! Please do not fall into that trap of thinking it needs to be something to show off, its personal and up to you! When i was younger my first book of shadows was a folder from WHSmiths that i had covered in pagan symbols and pictures and then laminated. Now i have a HUGE one which everything goes in but i still treasure that folder!!

So do what feel right and go with something you can afford and are drawn to then personalise it your own way.


What goes in your Book Of Shadows

Its basically a home for everything magickal in your life, for example -



Information Gathered

Spell Records

Sabbat Information and Recipes

Goddess Information and Pictures


and everything else that you consider special and magickal to you

If like me your family is either witches/pagan/wiccan then your Book Of Shadows will probably something you pass down or let other family members use for example if teaching your children about the sabbats. Then in time they may add to your BOS too!!!

You may also choose to add websites, printed information you have come accross, book that have been great resources. Its endless and completely up to you. Be free with it and enjoy it!!!

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