A Guide about my gamecube and games

Like if this guide is helpful

I have wrote the below to help people with buying or bidding on Gamecube consoles with extras. 

I bought my Gamecube from E Bay and I'm very pleased with it. I cant keep my fingers off it. My best game is Mario Kart Double Dash and when I play on this I have baby Mario and baby Luigi or Daisy and Princess Peach.

I got all the gold cups for 50, 100 and 150 cc races in Mushroom Cup and the Gold cup for 50cc Flower Cup but the memory card reset its self so I've started again.

This is what I got in the package
* Nintendo Black Gamecube Console with Instructions
* Limited Edition Mario Kart Double Dash Box
* Official Black Nintendo Controller
* Power Supply and AV Leads
* Scart Adapter
* 4gamers Accessory Pack containing in the original box:
* 4mb Memory Card (purple)
* 4gamers purple Controller with built in vibration motor
* 8 x Games Carry Case (unopened)
* Soft Touch Opening Mechanism to store 12 games
* 1 x spare controller fascia
* Instructions for all the above
* Mario Kart Double Dash Game - boxed with instructions
* Ltd Edition Special 5 Game Zelda bonus disc
(boxed with Mario with Zelda instructions)
* Super Mario Sunshine No Instruction Book
* ISS (International Superstar Soccer 2) With Instructions

I'm very pleased with all of my games and the whole package.

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