A Guide to 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 Numbers

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Here in the UK the term ‘non-geographic numbers’ broadly refers to telephone numbers starting with the digits ‘08x’.

However, as the name suggests the term can also be used to describe any telephone number that cannot be attributed to a geographic area of the UK, e.g. London or Glasgow.


Some examples of non-geographic numbers:

0800 Freephone

0808 Freephone

0845 Local Rate

0844 Local Rate

0870 National Rate

0871 National Rat

070x Personal Rate

090x Premium Rate

How do they work?

Essentially all non-geographic numbers work in the same way i.e. they simply point or ‘translate’ to an underlying telephone number.

The underlying telephone number is not affected in any way. Any services you have on the line e.g. Call Minder, Call Divert will continue to work as normal.


Why would a Company want a non-geographic number (NGN)?

Companies use NGN for lots of different reasons. Here are some of the main benefits:

    * Portable – It’s a fact of life that companies move premises and it’s not always possible to keep your existing telephone number(s). For any Company changing telephone numbers is a nuisance – new company literature, signage, contacting your customers etc. Using an NGN means you will never have to change your telephone number(s) again*. You would simply need to change where your NGN(s) point.

    * Monitor Marketing - We can set up any number of NGN to point to just one telephone number. This gives you the opportunity to use different numbers for different publications / promotions, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. e.g. a Company could use a different NGN in their Yellow Pages advert, to the one on their website. Our Call Reporting service would enable the Company to see how many calls were received to each number over a given time period.

    * Call Routing NGN can help you to control where and when your calls are received. Lots of different options are available including Routing by time of day / day of week which allows you to control where and when you receive your calls based on the time of the day, or the day of the week or Automatic routing on unanswered or busy where if for any reason your line is either not answered (after X seconds), or busy (engaged), your call can be automatically re-routed to another number.

    * Increase Sales Response – Whilst claims that using a Freephone Number will generate a ‘300 percent’ increase in calls may be extravagant, it’s widely accepted that potential Customers are more likely to ring you if you advertise a number that’s cheaper to ring than your competitors.

    * Generate Revenue – 0844/0871numbers can be used to generate revenue and are therefore ideally suited to technical support lines, advice lines and data response services where the use of a premium rate number (090x) may be unsuitable. However certain number types e.g. 0844/0871, may not be suitable for companies expecting a large amount of calls from certain 'at risk' sections of society e.g. the elderly or people on fixed/low incomes.

    * Professional Image – Certain number types e.g. 0845 and 0870 numbers, have long been associated with large national companies; when was the last time you saw a standard telephone number appear in a TV advert, for any major company? Rightly or wrongly, start-up companies especially may benefit from using NGN to help portray a professional ‘business image’.

    * Disaster Planning – In the event that your landline telephone number develops a fault, NGN can be dynamically re-routed to another landline number or voicemail service.


Which number is right for me?

What type of non-geographic number you choose is largely a marketing decision.

Our most popular products are 0845 and 0870 numbers.

 0844 numbers

    * Commonly referred to as 'local rate’ numbers.
    * Callers phoning from a BT line pay up to 5p/min** for the call.
    * Standard numbers cost just £1.50 to set up.
    * There are no ongoing costs e.g. service charges or call charges to pay

0845 numbers

    * Commonly referred to as 'local rate’ numbers.
    * Callers phoning from a BT line pay up to 4p/min** for the call.
    * Standard numbers cost just £1.50 to set up.
    * There are no ongoing costs e.g. service charges or call charges to pay

 0870 numbers

    * Commonly referred to as 'national rate' numbers
    * Callers phoning from a BT line pay up to 6.73p/min** for the call.
    * Standard numbers cost just £1.50 to set up.
    * Customers earn revenue on daytime inbound calls (between 1p – 3.5p/min, dependent on usage)

If you can’t decide which non-geographic number is right for your business, call us for a Free no-obligation chat on 0333 200 4011.

*Lines are open 9.00am-5.00pm, Mon-Fri.



Why choose us?

    * We only deal with Tier 1 Carriers employing the very latest in network technology. This ensures you receive reliability of service and accurate management and billing information. And because of our buying power we'll give you access to some of the best rates available in the UK today.
    * Thousands of companies, both large and small already use our services. Our expertise means that we manage services for some of the largest companies in the UK.
    * But ALL our customers, large or small have access to some of the most advanced call routing solutions available today.
    * You'll also receive excellent customer service and all year round-the-clock support.
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