A Guide to Buying Phone Replacement Parts & Tools

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A Complete Guide to Buying Phone Replacement Parts and Tools on eBay

The care and maintenance of a modern mobile phone can be surprisingly expensive at times. Knowing how to source good quality phone replacement parts and tools on eBay can save valuable time and money. Items are available on eBay that are compatible with just about every possible variety of mobile phone. Screens, battery covers, and buttons are just a few of the many replacement parts that are offered for sale. All the tools that are required to dismantle, repair, and service a mobile phone are also available; these include precision screwdrivers, suction tools, and case opening pries.

Researching Tools and Phone Parts on eBay

When buying a new phone related item on eBay, a good place to start can be their product reviews and buying guides section. A useful overview of the intended purchase can be gained by browsing the buying guides to the various types of phone accessory that are available. Once the details of the intended purchase have been decided on, searching the product reviews section can provide useful information on the chosen device.

Getting the Right Replacement Phone Parts

When buying a highly technical item, such as a replacement part for a mobile phone, it is essential that the selected component is compatible. Should there be any uncertainty over this, the advice of the vendor should be sought. Every eBay listing provides an "ask a question" link towards the bottom of the page which can be used to contact the seller. When seeking to use only genuine phone parts, it can be a good idea to check the veracity of any claims made about the component's authenticity. Ask the vendor to confirm that the component will be supplied sealed in its original packaging. They should also be able to indicate the presence of any other methods of product validation, such as numbered certificates or security holograms. To avoid having to contact the seller more than once, it is worth considering if they can answer all other potential queries at the same time. A quick check of the listing may highlight some other possible issues that could benefit from further clarification before the purchase takes place. As it can take time for a vendor to reply, it is worth submitting any additional queries about payment, delivery, or refund terms at the same time.

Getting Compatible Phone Tools

An amateur repairer mending a mobile phone will often purchase the tools required to complete the job at the same time as they buy the replacement part. Many eBay vendors recognise this and so offer both items together in a single listing. Purchasing these with a single eBay transaction can save money on postage and also help to ensure that the items supplied are compatible. Complete mobile phone toolkits are often advertised along with the names of the phones they are compatible with. Purchasing a dedicated mobile phone toolkit can sometimes work out cheaper when the damaged phone has more than one component that needs replacing. Toolkits usually contain phone tools that are of superior quality to those bundled with a replacement part; many of the bundled tools are only designed to be used once. Anyone looking to perform repairs on a number of different phones may find that they are better off buying a general purpose precision toolkit and adding to this with individual tools as required. Professional quality precision tools often have better ergonomics and are usually made from superior materials, making them more suitable for extended periods of use.

The Best Deals on Replacement Phone Parts and Tools

Having spent a little time researching and finding the correct phone component or service implement, it is worth spending an extra few moments to locate the best deal. On eBay, this can be done by using the sort function. Items are normally sorted so that the items which best match the current search criteria are displayed first. However, expanding the available sort options will reveal the Price + P&P: lowest first option. Selecting this will rearrange the current list of items, placing at the top the one which will be delivered for the lowest price. When the item is required speedily as well as cheaply, it is worth also selecting the Buy it Now tab to exclude any items which are available through auction. Sometimes, the most newly listed items on eBay can also be the cheapest. To find such a bargain, and snap it up before anyone else, combine the Buy it Now tab with the newly listed sort option. When looking at phone replacement parts and tools, there are options available on the left of the page that allow only used items to be displayed. This can sometimes identify damaged, or partially dismantled, phones which can be stripped to become a cheap source of donor parts. This can be particularly useful when attempting to fix an older phone for which new components have become hard to source. Remember to establish that the intended donor components are present and undamaged before committing the phone's purchase. Another useful feature when bargain hunting on eBay is the Add to Watch list facility. Using this for an item sold at auction can reveal the amount of the winning bid, as the listing can be reviewed after the auction's end. This information can be an invaluable guide when subsequently bidding on similar items. Before making an offer on a more expensive replacement phone part or toolkit from a dealer, take a look in their feedback at the previous offers they have accepted. Pitching the first offer correctly can save not just money, but also time if it means that the sometimes lengthy counter-offering process is avoided.

Phone Parts and Tools Delivery

Ensuring that the chosen items arrive quickly and cheaply is easy, thanks to the delivery and feedback information on the eBay website. When buying several smaller items at the same time, such as phone tools, it can be useful to choose only from among the items that are offered with free delivery. Selecting this option will mean that several items can be added to a basket, knowing that when they are paid for together there will not be any additional postal charges to contend with. Where the phone parts and tools are required urgently, it is worth using the option to highlight the items which are offered with express delivery. For items that are required quickly, it is also worth checking the estimated despatch and delivery times to be sure that they will arrive in time. Perhaps the best way to ensure a fast and smooth transaction on eBay is to always remember to check the vendor's feedback. Glancing at the Detailed Seller Rating panel is usually all that is required to know whether the item will arrive quickly and safely. Individual feedback transactions paint a more detailed picture of how successful the vendor is at meeting their customers' expectations.

Finding Phone Replacement Parts and Tools on eBay

Identifying compatible replacement parts and tools on eBay is simple, thanks to the powerful search facility and also the contextual links provided on every page. To browse the entire stock of phone tools and parts, select the Mobile Phones & Communication option from the All Categories menu and then click on the Replacement Parts & Tools link to the left of the page. To search for particular phone replacement parts and tools, simply type the pertinent details of what is required into the search facility. For example, when looking to replace a broken screen on an iPhone 4 mobile phone, simply enter “screen iPhone 4” into the search bar. When viewing the stock of mobile phone replacement parts on tools, the options to the left can be a powerful investigative tool. For example, combining these it is possible to display only the used Samsung screens that are black.


Replacement phone parts and tools can be easily researched and cheaply sourced on eBay. The quality and compatibility of the parts on offer can be established by contacting the vendor. Tools to fit the replacement parts are often bundled with the new components, meaning the phone can sometimes be repaired with a single eBay purchase. A buyer familiar with all the features offered on eBay will find that the phone parts and tools they require can be delivered more quickly and cheaply than ever.

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