A Guide to Buying rare and expensive records on Ebay

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I am a collector of Rare Psychedelic, Rock, Folk Rock,Records collecting mainly British, American German & Dutch recordings form the mid sixties to the Mid seventies, and have been doing so for the last 30 years, I have made it my business to know the differences between different editions of records, different label variants, various reissues of different records and there values.
the point i am trying to make is that i have many years of experience in Buying, selling and grading Records, and i am dismayed at how often on Ebay late editions or reissues of records are sold and bought as original pressings and that Ebayers are buying and spending lots of money buying reissues or later pressings thinking that they are originals in other words believing that the seller is telling the truth and not checking out the facts them self's.

for instance i have seen a bootleg Copy of "Trip thru Hell" by the C A Quintet  advertised as an original and lots of people bidding on it, eventually it sold for over £100, people at least knowing that it was not the original US Candy floss version which is worth around £800 but the advert stated a limited UK original from 1969..which is either means the seller is grossly misinformed about what he is selling or he is knowingly passing off a fake bootleg as an original in order to get substantially more money for it, I am also concerned that buyers are spending over £100 on a record without doing any research for themselves and simply believing the advert, 20 minuets careful research on the internet will reveal that the C A Quintet never released the record outside of their own state in the USA and any subsequent releases were released unofficially and are bootlegs apart from the Sundazed reissues on vinyl and CD which are official.

Frank zappa records need a special mention, all his early records from freak out to Cruisin with Ruben & the jets were released in the US and the UK on verve records with a black & silver  label in the UK and on Blue & silver in the US  but still with the same verve design
 the one thing that is crucial in identifying an original UK original is the fact that the label number has a VLP in front of it to signify a mono release and SVLP to signify a Stereo release.

a US original stereo pressing has V6 in front of the catalogue number and V if it is Mono the main thing to know is that in both cases of original UK or US releases there are letters before the catalogue or issues number on the label

 When Frank Zappa became more popular in the UK around 1971 verve UK reissued all the original verve recordings on the same Black verve labels, in some cases including gate fold sleeves and inserts, the only significant difference is that the issue numbering on the label are different in that the numbers are split into two there are no letters before the catalogue number and they are all have "Verve select" on the back cover

I see countless copies of the 1971 reissues which were issued in significantly larger quantities that the original issue being advertised as originals and fetching the same price as an original issues yet being worth significantly less in actual monetary value for instance an original copy of lumpy gravy with a VLP or SVLP before the issue number on the label in EX condition (record collector Guide) may fetch £60 and more on a good day, where as the reissue with the same label but no letters just before the issue number and the word "select" on the back cover top right hand side, is worth £20-£30 maximum in the same condition, again i don't know if this is a case of ignorance on the side of the sellers with the reissues who advertise them as originals or a deliberate ploy to rip off unsuspecting buyers who do no research before spending more than £10.00 on a record (this is an arbitrary figure)

the purpose of this guide is simply to advise and to hopefully encourage buyers to do a little research for them self's and to ask sellers to be careful and research what you are actually selling and not to simply assume its an original just because you want it to be, so you can get more money for it.

Basically dont buy or sell rare folk rock, Psychedelia, avante garde, German Rock etc , without first researching into label variants and issue histories.

Thank you for reading my guide and happy record collecting
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