A Guide to Cheap Vehicle Delivery

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Perhaps you've just ordered the vehicle of your dreams, taken part in a car auction, want to move salvage vehicles, or you're a small business that has purchased a fleet of vehicles for your company - whatever your vehicle delivery or collection needs there are companies out there that can help.

Before booking a vehicle delivery you should think carefully about the time frame in which you need to receive your vehicle.  Bear in mind that the process may take several days and so you should set a realistic time frame to ensure you're satisfied with the service you receive.

There are host of vehicle delivery companies to choose from that offer a variety of vehicle delivery services.  For cheap vehicle delivery you may opt for your vehicle to simply be driven to its destination by one of the company's vehicle delivery drivers assuming it is in good working order.  However, there are disadvantages to this solution too as it is more likely to be damaged en route and it will increase the mileage of the vehicle, particularly over a long trip.

Alternatively, you could arrange for your vehicle to be transported on a trailer.  In this case, it is the type of trailer used that will have the largest bearing on the price you receive.  Single vehicle trailers are generally reserved for urgent transportation needs as they only move one vehicle at a time, and as such the vehicle delivery costs are typically higher.  If your vehicle is particularly expensive however, then you may prefer an enclosed trailer.  By contrast, a multi-car trailer will usually be much slower but also much cheaper as the cost is usually divided among customers.  However, in this case door-to-door delivery might not be possible because of access issues and your vehicle will usually be delivered to a nearby hub.

Once you know exactly what type of vehicle delivery service you need, use MrCarrier.com to compare quotes from vehicle delivery companies.  Simply list the details of your vehicle shipment and companies will compete for your business helping you to walk away with a cheap vehicle delivery quote.

Just ensure you read all company information before determining the right deal for you and check for insurance.  A car transporter company should cover all eventualities such as accidents, fires and theft; and you should check not only the type of damage catered for but also the financial level of damage covered.  It's also worth checking with your existing insurer to see if your car insurance covers the vehicle while in transit.

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