A Guide to Choosing iPads, Tablets, and eBook Readers for Children

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A Guide to Choosing iPads, Tablets, and eBook Readers for Children

Tablets and eBook readers have become some of the most popular gadgets to own. With their sleek designs, portable sizes, and wide range of uses, it is really hard to pass them up. They operate similarly to a mobile phone, but with more capabilities, making them easier to learn how to use than computers. Tablets and eBook readers have an advantage over the other portable devices because they are easier to navigate than mobile phones, and more convenient to transport than laptops.

Since the release of the first iPad, adults have been enjoying having multiple forms of media at their fingertips. However, recently the devices have also proven handy for children. Not only can the kids download tons of free apps to keep them entertained, but they can also read an unlimited amount of books for recreational or educational purposes. Parents are also finding it convenient to let their children watch films on the tablets during long road trips or periods of time when they need to keep their kids occupied.

Although tablets and eBook readers do not necessarily fill a need, they are certainly fun to own and can be put to good use. However, like computers and mobile phones, there are a lot of technical things to consider when shopping for them. For some parents, this may feel overwhelming. Luckily, it comes down to a simple matter of choosing which specifications are ideal for the children.

Things to Consider About Tablets

The first step to begin with is considering the priorities. Tablets and eBook readers vary greatly in cost, size, operating systems, connections, and capabilities. To make things more simple, start with the budget, because that is the biggest determining factor in the selection process. eBook readers like the Nook and Kindle are the cheapest options, and tablets like the iPad and the Asus Transformer are the most expensive, but have the most capabilities.

What Operating System to Get

What operating system the device has makes a big difference. The four operating systems are the iOS, android, Kindle, Microsoft RT, and Nook platforms. The iOS platform is said to be more simple with smooth operation, while the Android is more customisable. The Windows tablet is more compatible with a computer, and the Kindle Fire is said to be more media friendly. The Nook and regular Kindle are the most simplistic because their functions are limited to eBook reading with no web browsing or apps.

The iOS Tablets

The iOS system only comes on the Apple iPads . Although it is the most expensive tablet to buy, it still remains the most popular one on the market because of its advanced features. It has a simple layout that is not customisable, but is easy to use, and they are known to be relatively glitch-free.

One of the biggest draws to the iPad is the advanced app market. It has far more free apps to download that are high quality and tailored to the tablet. When it comes to game apps, no other tablet can beat the iPad.

The biggest downfall of the iPad is its price. It is well worth the cost, but it may not be worth it for parents to purchase such an advanced tablet for their kids. The only advantage that this tablet holds over the other ones is its superior games and durability. However, if a parent's chief concern is reading and game playing, the iPad may not be worth the high price.

The Android Tablets

The biggest draw to android tablets is their customisability and low cost. Nearly everything on the tablet can be changed such as the layout, placement of the apps, pictures, keyboards, and more. The tablets come with a large selection of widgets that can be placed anywhere on the tablet. They do things such as tell time, show the weather, keep notes, and do searches.

Although the android market is not considered to be as large as the Apple one, it still has a large variety of games and other apps to look through. In fact, the main difference between the markets is the selecting of games, and even though the Apple market has more, the Android market is definitely not lacking.

Since many brands make android tablets, there is also a larger selection of choices between screen size, memory size, speed, and compatibility. The Google Nexus, Asus Transformer, and Kindle Fire are the biggest android tablet competitors.

Android Tablet


Price Range

Asus Transformer

The Asus transformer can be purchased with a high quality keyboard that turns it into a mini laptop. It is in the high price range but is also considered to be one of the highest quality tablets with access to all the latest features


Google Nexus

Google nexus comes with a 7 or 10 inch screen and offers the latest software features at the best price. It is not compatible with flash player, which means that some sites are not accessible. Overall, the Nexus is said to be the most well-rounded tablet of its price range and even more expensive tablets

Low - Medium

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is said to be one of the best tablets for media access. It connects straight to Amazon, making it easy to purchase books, shows, and films. However, its internet browsing features are lacking and not comparable to the Nexus and Asus

Low - Medium

Of the three androids, parents can choose whether they want a tablet that has everything for a higher price, a cheaper tablet that is well-rounded, or a low-cost one that is tailored towards media streaming.

The Windows RT Tablets

The Windows platform tablets are best for those who use their computer a lot. The majority of the applications are compatible with the user's computer. However, the Windows app market is severely lacking because it is newer. Parents can find a very limited selection of games and downloads available for their children. The prices on these tablets are medium ranged depending on the screen size and the amount of memory, and they can do internet browsing just as well as the other tablets.

The eBook Readers

The eBook readers are very simplistic and are designed to use for reading books only. If this is the only feature that parents are after for their children, then this is definitely the most affordable options. The lower priced eBook readers are more than half the price of the cheapest android tablet. They can come with or without wi-fi access.

The only advantage to having access to the internet is being able to download the books directly, rather than hooking up the device to the computer. The two competing eBook readers are the Nook and the Kindle . However, the only real difference between them is the shape of the screen, the layout of the keyboard, and what book service they are linked to. For example, the Nook is connected to the Barnes and Noble site, while the Kindle is connected to the Amazon site. In the end, choosing one is only a matter of preference because even the price ranges are similar.

Find iPads, Tablets, and eBook Readers for Children on eBay

As a retail hub for thousands of sellers all over the world, eBay offers the greatest selection for nearly any product. Not only does the site list thousands of different products, but it also has the same products being sold by competing sellers, making it easy to find the best prices without leaving the home.

Use their website by typing the keyword phrase of what you are looking for into the search bar. The phrase can be as specific or general as you want it to be. For example, if you know what you want, type something like " Google Nexus", but if you are undecided about which device to get, search for "tablet" or " eBook Reader " and you'll get a larger selection items to browse through.

Once you have narrowed down the products to some that you are interested in, look to see if there is a guarantee included and make sure that the seller has received good reviews from past customers. Also keep in mind that you can save a lot of money by purchasing used or refurbished devices.


Tablets and eBook readers have become a part of people's everyday lives. Much like their mobile phones, tablets are often carried to just as many places. In fact, the introduction of tablets to the market has cut down the laptop sales, and the eBook readers have caused the printed book sales to go down. Now children are joining in on the fun as well and parents are finding that kids love to read their books, and even homework on the devices. Parents also have the ability to send documents to their child's tablets for them to read. Without a doubt these useful gadgets can keep children entertained for hours as well as assist with their education.

Choosing one is a matter of setting a realistic budget, choosing the operating system, and then selecting the screen size. With the ability to purchase a used or refurbished unit, parents may even be able to get a higher-end tablet than they had originally planned.

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