A Guide to Fluffy Legwarmers

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What are Fluffies?

After making their first appearances in the U.K rave scene in the mid 1990s, Fluffies have since become the staple component of every dedicated raver and partygoers’ wardrobe.  Clubbers love to wear bright funky, sexy clothing BUT partying all night long in equally sexy footwear is incredibly painful so a lot of ravers made their own Fluffy legwarmers (Fluffies). These Brightly coloured fake fur fluffy socks could be worn over the ravers own footwear, normally trainers so the individual could still look fabulous whilst dancing all night long in comfort!  This traditional accessory is still the most commonly worn accessory in the U.K and American rave scene.

Why Adjamiba Fluffies?

Adjamiba were the first brand of its kind....the very first company to offer Made to Measure and Custom Made Fluffies for all!  Well established for 4 years, Adjamiba now offer the largest and most comprehensive and exciting collection of fluffy Legwarmers ANYWHERE – guaranteed.  Each pair is individually tailored to your own specifications and each pair is made with great care and professionalism.  Our Fluffies have a very unique shape and taper which is preferred by so many ravers. We were also the first to offer the most competitive prices....  providing our customers with top quality yet affordable custom designer legwarmers.  Adjamiba Fluffies are Produced by a small loving team who take full pride in their work each and every time, and finish them off with a sprinkle of pixie dust to make them that little bit more magical.

More info:

Adjamiba Fluffies are made from the highest quality, fluffiest, silkiest faux fur with a mega long, bouncy pile.  Each set is tailored to your unique size or measurements.  The top of the legwarmer is a comfortable stretch Lycra band, made from gorgeous Italian Lycra which can be contrasted to match your outfit.  Our fluffy boot covers are tapered in a way to be worn over most kinds of footwear.


An email will be sent to you on receipt of payment OR please message us with your payment or via ebay with the following info:

1) Measure around your leg, where you want the fluffies to start - (girth measurement).

2) Measure from the same point ALL THE WAY to the TIP OF YOUR TOE in a straight line - (length).

If you are unable to take measurements please message us and state your uk dress size and height.


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