A Guide to Postage and Posting on Ebay Items.

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If your new to selling or just find anything to do with postage and posting a bit scary, then have a read of my guide and hopefully i can enlighten you on the system. As a experinced ebay seller and an employee of the Post Office i know what i talking about.

Once you've decided what you want to sell you need to know what to charge for the postage (this is where it gets complicated) you need to decide on these things -

  • Is your item a letter (max 240mm L x 165mm W x 5mm D) or Large Letter (max 353mm L x 250mm W x 25mm D) or Packet (over 353mm L x 250mm W x 25mm D) any item is usually easy enough to tell if its a letter or a packet. For bulky, heavy or large items you better of sending them as a parcel.
  • How much will it cost to send, you will need to weigh your item and then you can either go to the royal mail website or get a price guide from your post office to show you the prices
  • Most items sold on ebay will be sent standard 1st or 2nd class, you could put one or both options in your listing to give buyers a choice. You could then send your item recorded for an extra 75p, this requires a signature at the delivery address (ideal for proving a item was recieved by the buyer) these services have a maximum compensation of £39 . Heavy or bulky items can be sent Standard parcels a maximum of 20kg, standard compensation is £39 although this can be increased upto £500 for an extra cost for valuable items items. There is also a forth option Special Delivery this is for urgent or valuable items, items will be delivered next working day or £2.20 extra for saturday delivery, Standard compensation is £500, but this can be increased to as much as you like running into the thousands. This is a guaranteed service and items are tracked and require a signature at delivery address.
  • You now need to add your charges to the postage costs, eg the cost of packaging materials etc if you have to drive to your post office add a bit for the petrol, you can also look at similar listings to see what others are charging, but remember keep you postage as low as possible or you will put buyers off. If your postage is high for a certain reason put this in the listing to let your buyers know why its so high.
  • The packaging needs to be appropriate for your item, theres no need to cover it in fragile or do not bend if its properly package, use bubble wrap or a piece of card, if you item is damaged in the post and the packaging was sufficient you have no claim.



  • You need to make sure that the delivery address is clear and readable on the front otherwise you item may never get there, items without a postcode will still be recieved but make take a few days longer to get there.
  • Every item you send needs to have a return address otherwise your item has no where to come back to if it never reaches or is collected by the recipient, its no use having the return address on a slip insde the parcel as the item won't be opened, put your address seperate from the delivery address preferably on the back as you don't want it being sent to you (i have seen this happen before) If you would rather not disclose you whole address just put your door number and postcode as this is enough for it to find its way back to you.
  • When you post your item ask the counter assisstant for proof of posting ( there is a space on the reciept to write the name, door number and postcode) keep this safe as if you item goes missing you cannot claim without the proof of posting.
  • Delivery times are 1st class (1-2 working days) 2nd class (2-3 working days) and Standard Parcels (3-5working days) these are just approximations and may take longer, however if after a couple of weeks your item hasn't arrived there is a form you can get from the post office to make a claim for your postage and item, this process isn't quick so give your item chance to arrive before you claim.

Hopefully this has helped you a bit if not alot, but if your ever unsure take your item to the post office and ask there advice or if its just a quick question contact me and i'll see if i can help.

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