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After reading a fair few of these guides on fake Abercrombie and Fitch, I decided to post my own, realistic guide.

I will outline a few key points, rather than writing a massive ramble aimed at one seller, unfortunately like many of the other guides here...




The first thing you have to remember when buying on e-bay is that the seller is usually running a business of some kind or selling to make their money back or a profit. So you should always expect a mark-up from how much you would ideally like to pay.

American prices are half that of the prices you will find off the AandF UK website and the store in London. So the least you should expect to spend on current season clothing is half of the UK price before postage, I.e. If a shirt is £70 instore, you should expect to spend at least £35.

Just because an item is cheap does not mean its fake. Abercrombie, Hollister and Reuhl are all massive enterprises in the US and,  contrary to opinion in most of the other guides, they do sell wholesale to boutiques, hence why a lot of the Ebay shops have just abercrombie items. This is completely legal so don't fret when buying.

Backdated items from seasons gone are always going to be cheaper as they will not be in as much demand as current stock. For this you should expect to pay at least a third of the original RRP before postage.




In general, as you will know if you are and A and F fan, it is very high quality. However the styles do go for the rustic worn look.

A few things I WOULD expect on A and F items are:


  • Knicking on the seams and edges of sleeves etc
  • Distressed Colouring (if mentioned in item description)
  • Large labels (double layered in the collar area)
  • High quality material. (All genuine abercrombie is very soft)


Things I would NOT expect are...


  • Poor colouring
  • Lots of loose threads (there will always be some on distressed/vintage items)
  • Cheap material (itchy/polyester)


Photos are often stolen from the abercrombie website, sometimes this is just a time-saver and it is a genuine item, however if you are not sure, ask the seller to take a few pictures (if they come back with a no, or an excuse. Don't buy) In general, they are helpful!



UK - up to five pounds

US - 10 or above (For large items)

The bigger the item, the more you pay. The further away the item, the more you pay.




Ultimately, use your common sense, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. The best way to shop on ebay is to be vigilant. Feedback isn't always accurate, and I go by the rule if one feedback complains it fake, I don't buy.

The main few points;

  • Shop around, dont buy the first you see
  • Take 10-15 mins to read through feedback
  • Use the abercrombie website to help you see the real items and compare
  • Think about realistic prices, you aren't always going to get what you want and there will often be competition
  • Contact seller if any doubts, they are genuinely nice people on ebay for the same reasons as you!
  • Don't forget, you are fully entitled to a refund if you are not happy (unless is says non-returnable in the listing) so if you have been conned, get your money back and leave feedback!
  • The same applies even if it is genuine and you have changed your mind, almost all sellers are happy to refund you!
  • Buy It Now are often genuine items as the seller is running a business.



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