A Guide to buying Middle Eastern CD's

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If you take the time to get to know some of the music out there this area is awash with great singers and musicians. For those of us who live in the the western world we will often be used to CD's with full booklets and that look very professional. However in other parts of the world things are very different! Unless the artists CD is printed in the EU you are unlikely to get a full booklet or a professional looking CD. For example CD's printed in Saudi Arabia are often minus the jewel cases and have card gatefold sleeves with the plastic cd holder glued on very crudely, even the CD itself may have a paper stuck-on label. Artwork showing women is touched up so as not to show bare shoulders so generally the CD's from here are somewhat different. Lebanon is a great country for music and the CD's here are generally not too bad although again a full booklet is not the norm but the quality is better. There are lots of licensed printers of CD's and one of them offering cheap CD's outside the Middle East is 'Newsound' in Israel, these CD's hardly ever come with full booklets and often will look very unprofessional in the printing and manufacture. There are so many different licensed printers of the music that the same CD will manifest itself in many guises! Just don't expect the same quality as we have in the western world and enjoy the wonderful music of the Middle East it has so much to offer.
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