A Guide to writing guides.

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I have often wondered how people go about writing guides. People aren't educated properly on the correct etiquette for guide scribing. To make a short story long, i've gone to the extraordarily exasperating effort of forging my own guide to wrting guides; in guide form. What you have to consider when reading any guide written by a man is that, the man may have asked an unfortunate to write the guide, and that unfortunate may not have had the correct education on the correct etiquette for guide scribing. In turn this begs the question: why bother? A simple answer, you should and you shouldn't, its all dependent upon the mood you may or may not find yourself in, it is fairly circumsatantial. Read ON_ (from here)

The best place to start is to think of something you may want to write a guide about; you could take inspriation from the person that is (hypothetically) sat next to you. Another challenging guide to write would be to write about something that you'd like to see a guide on yourself. Techniques, take a PEN and paper and plan (sensibly) how you are going to write your guide. How you are going to sound in your guide. Whether you will use the first person voice, or the third person or simply switch between the two every sentence or so. You may also consider your use of grammar; will you make huge glaring mistakes (speeling and Punchuation) to try and agitate people enough to make them consider giving you an unhelpful vote? Also you'd have to consider if you were just going to ask questions, or incite questioning. You'd have to get in the write mood to write a review. Carefully considered musical choices are almost certainly the best mood setters, and the potential for them to really sway the way you may come across in the guide. 

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if all else fails, find a guide that hasn't had any views_copy it and then leave quickly, click on a button that reads: Write Your OWN Guide, then paste it. Easy money (words).

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